Friday, July 3, 2015

Rebirth-day Preview and lyrics

Today is the day! GX begins airing in about...5 more hours. Before that, here's something to whet your appetite.

You can listen to the short preview of Re-birthday here. Presumably this is the TV-size version.


Beneath a sky that stretches on forever, I dreamed an eternal dream
I wonder how such a precious story fell apart so quickly
If my teardrops were smaller, they’d fall into a rift of dreams and melodies
Every time I try to speak, my words just become distorted
It’s too late to return to that world
I wonder if happiness is meant to always be fleeting
Just because I know it exists here, doesn’t mean I can see it
It’s a cycle where something is born and then starts to sink away
It will continue until the day the sun burns out
Right now, even pain can become the light
I’ll gather the pieces of my shattered emotions once again
And when I embrace them in my chest, the story will resume


  1. So, are you taking your time in helping translating the songs that are played during the first episode, also will you be checking the raws tha will come and see any differences between which that had aired, like the BS11 version of episode 1 that comes next week?

    1. The BS11 version is the one that airs on TV for me here in Japan, so I will definitely watch it. Not sure I'll notice any differences but if I do I'll be sure to post about it.

  2. Commie has posted the first episode, but will your group be checking there subs and do your own translation? If so, will you be using the raws from Ohys-Raws, since while both raws are played from MBS, that version doesn't show the MBS at the top corner; it is not as visible and should not have those pop up screens as much.

    1. We are not modifying Commie's script - I did my own TL from scratch. Release should be very soon! We used the leopard raw as it was higher quality than the Ohys raw.

  3. ¡Oh, good!


    I have a question... where i cand find the romanji for this song ?

    and thanks for the translation