Monday, June 29, 2015

Catching up on official site updates

I had a busy weekend so now I'm going back to look at all the updates on the official site. This includes a preview of episode 1 and new quotes on all the character pages. They also put up keywords, but they are rehashes of ones that were in s1 and G.

Special Announcement

To celebrate the start of Symphogear GX, niconico will have a special 3 day Symphogear streaming event. Starting on July 5th at 7pm, the entire 13 episodes of season 1 will be streamed. Following that, on July 6th at 7pm, the entire 13 episodes of season 2 will be streamed. On the final night, July 7th at 9pm, the 2013 live concert will be streamed. After that there will be a very important announcement regarding the series. (My speculation: an announcement of the next concert).

Episode Preview

Symphogear GX Episode 1: Miracle Killers

A song echoes out across the blazing sky, it is an ember to illuminate tomorrow

A small miracle trembling in the chest envelops the fist and the life

However, those eyes shedding tears amidst the flames, stand opposed and undeterred

On this night the soul feels numb, as blood-covered demons scurry to a mangled ode

If you strain your ears it will soon follow, there is a song to destroy the world

Character Quotes

Hibiki: The miracle that led me to the Symphogear...I'm happy it happened!
Tsubasa: I'm sorry, but...that's just the way things are for us.
Chris: It's something I always wanted...but it still brings back bad memories.
Maria: I didn't have any of the courage necessary to believe in someone else...
Shirabe: I don't want to show the embarrassing side of myself to anyone but Kiri-chan.
Kirika: When you put it like that, what a majorly stupid experience!
Carol: It's completely worthless! The Symphogeaaaaaar!!
Elfnein: Delivering this inheritance is my repentance...
Miku: It actually might be worse to go home on an empty stomach.
Genjurou: If the enemy aren't Noise then I'm going out!!
Ogawa: Could it be, the enemy's aim is to...?!
Fujitaka: It'd be great if I could keep getting my salary until retirement, but...
Aoi: The unison of the two is progressing to unmeasurable levels!
Ando:  Sometimes we've got to be the ones to save Bikki! 
Terashima: Today's practice recipe will be: beef stroganoff ♪
Itaba: This isn't an anime!!
Leiur: That plain style just doesn't suit me...
Garie: Un-der-stood~! Garie will do her best!
Micha: The humans, cats and dogs in this area...I'll dissect them all!
Phara: Fufu, I was was quite a dull song.


  1. Thanks you for character quotes translation.

    So, did you get selected to join pre-screening event?

    1. Unfortunately I did not receive an invitation to the pre-screening. :(