Monday, June 1, 2015

New site updates and more

I finally secured a copy of Megami Magazine for myself, I was hoping to get it much earlier but because it came out on the weekend no stores in my area decided to update their stock. Hopefully I'm more lucky when Newtype and Animedia roll out in another week or so. Today there was also an update to the official site with more designs and Nana also announced the OP song title.

On her radio program this week Nana made an announcement regarding the title for the OP theme of GX. The title is "Exterminate" and the single will be released on July 22nd along with 3 other songs. Nana commented that although the word "exterminate" has a rather harsh tone to it, it's not intended to have a bad meaning. Instead she says, the title is supposed to reflect a meaning of "exterminating the darkness that exists inside your heart, and becoming a new you." 

Nana also made a blog post today regarding yet another recording for GX.

Suffocation is inevitable!!
Today I had a recording session for Symphogear GX~ o(^_^)o
We started post-production recording last week and starting from episode 1 I've been singing, screaming and fighting... 
With the cast all together we were getting fired up, everybody felt like "It's back!! This is Symphogeaaaaaar!!" (lol)
This time we have a line-up of really fierce songs!
I don't think I'll hold out with just regular breathing, I might have to seriously use my lungs!? (lol)

Moving on to the contents of the magazine...

Kaneko's comments were pretty much exactly as reported before, but here is a more thorough translation for those curious: 
GX will have a story that is connected to the previous season, G, as if they were two-parts of one whole. I've prepared an individual story for each of the 6 users, but as the main character, Hibiki's story will have the biggest impact and focus. There will be no new gear users who will join Hibiki and co. however there will be new characters that are a fundamental part of the story. There will also be new enemies who are very powerful and completely opposite from the antagonists we wrote in G. We challenged ourselves not only with the story, but also to make the music and action scenes exude even more "Symphogear-ness." The soundtrack will feature a lot of songs straight from episode 1. My personal favorite song is the one that will play before the opening credits in episode 1. It was born from an idea I had while working on the scenario, and Agematsu brought it to life with a quality even greater than I imagined. Please make sure to tune in!

Below are a collection of the new design images from the magazine and website. I put the url for the blog on there not because I'm obsessed with getting credit for anything, but simply as a way to try and spread the word about this blog as season 3 gets closer. I hope more people will come to read the various TLs, especially the keywords when the season starts airing. Of course people are welcome to edit it out if they're going to repost the images, I'd just appreciate it if you pointed people here to find the additional content.

With all the new information from the magazines and the comments from the report manga, I've done quite a bit of speculating about how things will unfold in GX. Of course, I have no idea how accurate I am but I'll put up a post at a later date to ignite some discussion. 

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