Monday, June 15, 2015

GX official site announces pre-screening event

Today the site updated with an announcement about a special event, a pre-screening of GX prior to its television premiere.

Event: Symphogear GX episode 1 theater pre-screening with 7.1ch surround sound

Location: Toho Cinema Shinjuku

Time: Tuesday, June 30th starting at 7:15pm.

Guests: Aoi Yuki (Hibiki) and Hikasa Yoko (Maria)

You can submit an application to attend on the website until June 19th. 500 people will be selected to receive a written invitation in the mail.

They did a similar event for G, where the first episode was pre-screened and afterwards they had a brief talk session with the actors. The footage was later released on the first blu ray volume for G, so likely the same thing will happen this time.

Of course I've applied to go, but with only 500 people getting selected my chances are slim. Here's hoping for the best.


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG HNGGGGGGGGGG WHY MUST I LIVE SO FAR AWAY. Oh well hopefully you get selected, and if you do I want a word for word report on the episode on every little detail. :D

  2. I hope for you ><

  3. IM Love This Surprise!

    Is the Same thing has happend with the Second Season of Sekirei