Sunday, August 23, 2015

Still alive

Doing subs for H&D has kept the majority of my focus and so I have been neglecting the blog, but I would like to take some time to post updates today regarding various things. The vacation season here in Japan is now over, so I should gradually have more and more time to catch up and keep up with all the things that are happening.

Release Information 

Glorious Break, the ending theme from the first episode of GX, will be available on Nana Mizuki's new album that is being released on November 11th. The title of the album has not yet been announced, but Glorious Break and Exterminate are among the 15 tracks.

4 new episodes of the chibi OVA "Senki Zesshoushinai" will be included on volumes 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the GX BDs and DVDs.

Volume 1 of the BD/DVDs will include the full version of Radiant Force and Just Loving X-Edge.

Volume 2 of the BD/DVDs will include the first disk of the Original Soundtrack.

Volume 3 of the BD/DVDs will include the full version of Bayonet Charge and Radiant Force (Ignited Arrangement).

 Volume 4 of the BD/DVDs will include the full version of Maria's "Silver Arm - Airget-lamh" (Ignited Arrangement).

Comments from Nana 

This week at one of Nana's LIVE ADVENTURE performances it was mentioned that this week the actors will do recording for the final episode of GX. Although Nana was given the full scenario to read when she wrote the lyrics for Exterminate, apparently it has changed since then so now even she doesn't know what will happen in the final episode. Apparently the enemy is so strong at this point that she doesn't feel like they have any chance of winning. She's also excited to find out whether or not Exterminate is used as the special attack in the final episode or not.

Comments from Kaneko 

On power levels 

"I've done it before, but here are the strength rankings that only I know. Adaptor version. The top tier class is (in no particular order) Tsubasa, Chris, Maria. Depending on the exact situation and conditions, and also who the opponent is, this can change but in general these 3 have the highest parameters in total and were created under the pretense that they are genuinely strong. (It would get complicated otherwise so this is under the assumption LiNKER is used to compensate for differences in link coefficient.) Next is Hibiki. Compared to the top tier girls, who are more trained and experienced, she may seem unpolished but makes up for that as a power-type. Without considering the consequences, she can temporarily obtain an explosive amount of power which until it exhausts would make her stronger than those in the top tier. Plus, as the main character she has access to powers like the S2CA (lol) so she is by no means weak. Those left are bottom tier, which means Kirika and Shirabe. Shirabe is an all-purpose type who excels at adapting to different situations, but she lacks the strength to power through. Kirika's basic premise is the opposite of that. Basically the two of them are halves of one whole, which may be seen as unfavorable, however when Igalima and Shul-Shagana are in unison the result is stronger than those in the top tier and even surpasses Hibiki's explosive power. So again, they are by no means weak. In conclusion: everyone is strong. But of course, lately all they seem to be doing is getting beat up. How strange! Not the Tsubasa of GX, but if you compare her to the Tsubasa of the past, Kanade's fighting strength was higher. Of course, this is considering that she won't burn out when she uses that power, but perhaps she is comparable to the the flame of a candle. As for Serena...I still hold hopes that there will be a chance to add her in somewhere so she is a secret for now. Miku is, as you may know, the weakest. However she is the most fearsome. Genjuro...isn't even an adaptor! So this time he doesn't count! Actually, you guys are reacting so much I can't even keep up anymore!"

On episode 7 

 "A little late, but here is the behind-the-scenes on episode 7. So far on GX I've really done nothing but ask for the impossible, and so far the first-half of each episode has been filled with nothing but fights. So at one point one of the higher-ups said "We need to hurry and figure out a way to work in a fanservice episode" which was a warning to me. At that time I said "episode 7 will be a swimsuit episode!" and managed to get by with just that for the time being, that episode 7 has aired on all the stations I can finally say this. In the end, episode 7 ended up being an episode filled with more battles...of course it was also a swimsuit episode, but as a result it required Chris to do a transformation scene in her swimsuit, which I thought wouldn't be such a big deal but as you might expect they got angry at me, "Even though it's a fanservice episode, it's more like those in production are doing you a service!" In the end, in addition to episode 7, other future episodes had to be altered, but as you may have realized, the reality is that all the staff are accepting my requests and breaking their limits. Soon GX will be entering its second half, but the energy on the production side will be even more explosive than before. So please do all you can to support our hotblooded staff!"

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