Sunday, August 23, 2015

GX keyword update

I took some time this afternoon to translate a selection of the new GX keywords. I hope to catch up and have them all current before the final episode airs, but depending on how long they get that may not be possible. Stay tuned and remember you can access each season's keywords on these individual pages: Season 1 / Season 2 / Season 3

Faust Robe

Utilizing the energy converted from sacrist fragments, the Faust Robe is a protector created through alchemy techniques. From this description, one may say it is an object that is incredibly similar to the Symphogear. However, there is a significant difference. A song (chant) is not necessary to activate it.  In Carol’s case it normally took the form of a harp, the same as one talked of in legend, however when she plucked the strings the harp changed form and adorned to her body. The sound produced by the strings not only amplified Carol’s alchemic powers, but also proved incredibly flexible and useful in battle. A swing of the strings created an intense slashing attack capable of bisecting objects, and demonstrated various capabilities in battle by changing its form. It exhibited a combat potential that did not lose out even when faced against multiple Adaptors.

Dur da Blá

The harp used by one of the chief gods of Celtic mythology, Dagda.  Presently it had been thought to only exist as a sacrist fragment, but Carol took possession of it and made it into a weapon that she played upon the battlefield.


A medicinal herb that is said to grow deep in the recesses of mountains. It’s effect is so strong that it has also been referred to as Xiancao. In the past, Carol’s father Isaac extracted the chemicals it contained and used them to make a medicine which cured a prevalent disease and saved many people of nearby villages. It was part of his pride as an alchemist that the cure was not due to god or other supernatural causes, but rather human hands that successfully struggled against fate.

Château de Tiffauges

A gigantic device that takes its name from a taboo castle, where acts of immorality occurred nightly. It is also the residence of Carol and her dolls, created by using various sacrists and black arts technology as patchwork. Currently it remains under construction, however all that remains are the trigger parts necessary to activate and control the machine, and once that is complete it can be used as a World Destructor.  


A gear created from a sacrist fragment brought to the Federal Institute of Sacrists (F.I.S.) by Fine. The source of the black arts tech that utilized the fragment were known to Professor Nastassja, but since her death it is a Symphogear that remains shrouded in mystery. In the beginning, the gear was worn by Serena, however currently its shine has been inherited by her older sister, Maria.


The power source of Carol and the Auto-Scorer’s alchemy. Their personal experiences that are stored in the brain as memories can be used and turned into combat potential. However, in order to obtain enough memories to make this system efficient they have been forcibly stealing and collecting memories from other people’s minds. Garie, who possess the holy grail, is the most skilled at handling memories and in addition to collecting them, is also capable of sharing them among the other Auto-Scorers. Leiur and Phara are not capable of sharing any memories, however they can forcibly collect them from humans. Micha, the doll specifically designed for combat, can not gather memories on her own and as long as she does not receive any from Garie, has no other means of collecting enough to make herself functional.

Ignite Module

When the damaged gears were restored, this was added as a combat booster. It utilizes the “Berserk” mechanism that had been analyzed after previously being observed in cases of sacrist/human fusions. As a result, the module is capable of bringing out energy levels on par with that of the berserk mode. However, because it also offers the ability for the user to retain their presence of mind and utilize their fighting techniques, it can be considered a considerable improvement in fighting strength outside of measureable values. The large increase in output does more than simply raise offensive strength, it also raises defensive power which reduces the burden the adaptors feel from the backfire, increasing their durability. This change in offensive and defensive power makes this a trump card useful for getting out of difficult situations.

The Ignite Module grants the user a high increase in energy output and durability for a short period of time. Because the threats that accompany the berserk form are still present, the module is furnished with 3 different levels of safeties to ensure that the adaptor will not lose their mind when using it. Each time a safety is released, the berserk energy is more purely focused into the user’s combat potential. However there is a time limit attached (a count of 999), this starts from when the first stage of Unsheathe is activated. From there if the user proceeds to the second grade or beyond, the energy gets used up at an even faster rate and upon use will naturally exhaust the count faster. When the count becomes 0 the system will forcibly cancel the Symphogear, even if the user is in the middle of a battle, and therefore depending on the circumstances may expose them to even further danger.

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