Sunday, December 29, 2013

SymphoCast Episode 1 + Co-Hosting Applications!

SymphoCast Episode 1

Featuring: zoid9000 (apologies for a solo ep, I don't ramble much I promise)


Total run time: 1 hour 32 minutes


Introduction (0:00 to 1:40)
Part 1 - News and Merchandise (starts at 1:50)
              Comiket, the staff book and design archive (some outdated info) (1:50 - 7:00)
              Bushiroad trading cards, Hobby stock goods, etc (7:00 - 11:50)
              Blu Ray release details volumes 4 -6 (11:50 - 14:20)
Part 2 - Symphogear Live 2013 recap (Starts at 14:40)
              Arrival and live good purchases (14:40 - 23:20)
              Entering the concert hall and beginning of the show (23:20 -  29:00)
              Guest appearances and game segments (29:00 - 50:00)
              Concert song list rundown (50:00 - 65:30)
              Season 3 announcement and concert end (65:30 - 70:12)
Part 3 - Updates and perspectives on season 3 (starts at 70:30)
              Recent updates, comiket and sales (70:30 - 72:40)
              New information from the staff book (72:40 - 76:45)
              Season 3 overview and opinions (76:45 - 85:00)
              Things to expect in the future (85:00 - 92:40)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As I recorded this over the span of a few days some of things I talk about in part 1 are slightly outdated. I update all that info at the beginning of part 3. 


SymphoCast Co-Host Applications!

I want you! To talk about Symphogear with me.

Send to

Answer in one paragraph or less -
  • Your favorite Symphogear character and why
  • Your experience with Symphogear (when did you start watching, why?)
  • Topic ideas and episode commentaries you would like to participate in for the podcast
  • A little about yourself (are you male/female? what name do you prefer to go by? what country are you from? do I know you from twitter/tumblr/etc?)
  • Do you have podcast experience? (i.e. have you recorded before? do you edit? what methods do you prefer to use for podcasting? - please share with me!)
Requirements: A Google+ account with access to Google Hangouts (where recording is planned to take place). You can add my account to your circles: here.

I'm not necessarily looking to screen people for participation with this, but rather get a better idea of who I will be talking with. I'd honestly like to feature everyone that applies, but clearly we can't all be in one episode so I'd like to change the featured people as much as possible.'s a bit of test of your fandom, I don't just want anyone who's willing to talk into a microphone to join us, I want people who are familiar with Symphogear and like it enough to go the extra mile for it. Thanks for your cooperation!


  1. I waiting for the Manga Volume 3 of Symphogear First Season!
    So Have Fun and Happy new Year!

  2. This was very pleasent to listen to. I too think I would cry at how the concert started as you described. I'm totally going to the next one!

  3. I'm waiting for 3rd season & for manga vol.3
    and let's hope a G one as well.

  4. So, how goes the keywords and the chapters for volume 3?

  5. Please consider translating too.