Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Status of things

Brief update including an announcement (image related).

Thanks to the folks who keep sending me emails about the third volume of the manga. I have the raws and will be working on TLing it over my Christmas break - stay tuned.

I also hope to finish the season 2 keywords soon - perhaps before I touch the manga. I haven't decided yet, but it is on my list!

I've also decided to start a podcast, which may be a little ambitious. But I think it would be  better to relay certain information (such as the events of the live) through words rather than text. To that end, episode 1 will feature my recap of the live event and recent news.

I’d also like to have a Q&A session so please send me questions (through tumblr or my email: They can be about whatever relating to Symphogear or anything related to my TL work on the series materials.

For future episodes I’d like to have guests and discussions about either specific episodes or topics - so please send me ideas or requests for those too! Planning to have any discussions through google hangouts so get your G+ accounts ready if you want to participate (I will cap at a max # of people and maaaay have you send me an audition paragraph or something to decide who gets featured.)

Thanks for your continued support. 


  1. I want that image...

    Can i has? :3

  2. Just stumbled on this blog, and it's like Christmas has come (just a little) early. I never expected to find a whole blog — and now a podcast — dedicated to one of the most laugh-out-loud awesome shows ever!

  3. I be waiting the Volume 3 of Manga to be translate it!