Monday, December 2, 2013

Not dead, just busy

Hi anyone who still reads this, I know I haven't updated in forever and I'm sorry for that. I can't really keep on top of the news like I used to so it's difficult to maintain the content here. To that end - please please please email me if you see some news. Like raws for volume 3 of the manga showing up. Or Thomas Romain tweeting about the potential of season 3.

By the way, the live concert is just under 2 weeks away. I will be there, please follow my twitter for live updates the day of. Otherwise you can expect a post here afterwards.


  1. I do :D
    Do you really think a 3rd season is possible?
    Did the second season sell that well??
    Anyway, thanks for what you've done/will do!!


  2. If the second season sold well enough for a 3rd season, I would welcome it with open arms.

  3. Are these raws good enough?