Thursday, March 7, 2013

Various updates

Contest updates and a little teaser for volume 2 of the manga!

Plus an update to the Symphogear iphone app and ToyWars collaboration pics!

First, I had someone ask me on twitter (which, btw you can follow me or shoot me some questions at @zoid9000) a question about the contest. "Would I be disqualified if I copied a color scheme of an existing character - i.e. a Gundam or Fate from Nanoha?" The answer is: No! It's perfectly acceptable if you want to mimic a character color scheme for the contest, after all you still have to decide what colors are going to go where and make it look consistent! This is a good answer for people who are struggling to decide what kind of colors to use. Alternatively, feel free to use a color scheme designer to help you find some colors that compliment each other in your design. I don't want this contest to be too difficult!

Also if you need some character pictures to fill with your colors, I have some: Here is an imgur album with blank (+3 colored) design pages for Hibiki, Kanade, Chris and Tsubasa and the XD forms of Tsubasa and Hibiki. You can use the XD forms (the final Symphogears from episodes 12 and 13), or you can use Chris in her Nehushtan armor if you prefer!

Secondly, I've begun scanning the 2nd volume of the manga. Progress is going to be pretty slow because I don't have a ton of free time at the moment, but I've almost finished with the first chapter of this volume. I'm going to release these by chapter instead of as a whole volume because I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish and I don't want to keep you waiting. Here's a few preview pages (click for full size):


Also, today there was an update for the Symphogear iphone app which includes a set of new costumes for all the characters. Check them out:


Finally, there is an online game in Japan known as "ToyWars." It's basically a multiplayer shooting game with anime themed characters. Every few months the game has an event where they collaborate with various anime. Most recently this includes: AKB0048, Uppote, Psycho Pass, Moretsu Pirates and now Symphogear. The game has items that players can use either as weapons or costumes to look like the characters from the anime. The character models in this game don't look as good as the ones in the iphone app, but they are pretty neat to see. It's just a little weird seeing them hold guns though, haha.




And of course....

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  1. I think the western name for toywars is Microvolts? Having played a little when it was initially released, you can't mistake the classic PvP arena used for the background...but those are some high definition models used for the trio.