Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Translation Corner #18

Tomorrow is the big day! The end of Symphogear's reairing on Tokyo MX! Both the final chapter of the manga (released in this month's Newtype Ace) and the official twitter account have made fans aware that a special announcement will be made at the end of episode 13. It's going to be the first piece of official news regarding season 2 since it was announced last year! I'm not sure if it will be a trailer or not, but I'll be keeping tabs on the Japanese new sites and will post here when I know something. In the meantime, here's another (very short) keyword.

Division 2's Medical Facility

This is where Tsubasa was taken for medical care after she collapsed from the strain of using the Ultimate/Swan Song. 

From the outside it has the appearance of a general hospital and is located adjacent to the senior class buildings of the Lydian Music Academy

In addition to providing medical care for injuries that Symphogear users get in battle, the facility also has a research division where data is collected on deaths and injuries caused by the Noise. 

This one isn't very exciting, but the next keyword is all about Solomon's Cane. Look forward to it!

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  1. Solomon's Cane can summon Noise and is also a complete Relic. I figured that out on my own, but I can't wait for more info... Also at the end of the show Fine had Durandal, N-Armor and Solomon's Cane and fused with countless noise as well to create an overwhelmingly strong new body... but then Hibiki's Swan song was like a Phoenix and brought the other wise defeated girls back to fighting power while also releasing the limiter on their gears. It was like they were in swan song mode indefinitely. It made them power up with no limits. But whats really odd is during the time when they had to stop the meteor they powered up EVEN FURTHER like beyond what was their theoretical limitations :) And they some how did not die either. I wonder if they will explain that, or if its just because they all became so compatible with their gears/Relics. Chris and Tsubasa have extremely high rates and Hibiki is directly physically fused... and Fine called herself and Hibiki DemiGods, meaning their power is ridiculous.