Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Translation Corner #13

So I'm doing these in the order they come up on the official site. I know the last one was Nehushtan: part 1, but part 2 doesn't come up until later. I know it's kind of confusing, but I just want you to know that I'm not skipping anything! Anyway, this keyword is about Kanade, and it goes into a lot of detail about the drug that Division 2 manufactured in order to turn her into a compatible candidate for the Symphogear system.

Amou Kanade

The 1st generation user of the 3rd relic, Gungnir. Age at death: 17 years old. 

By nature, Kanade had a very low compatibility coefficient with the Symphogear system and should have been unable to become a relic bearer. However, Division 2's Technology Specialist, Sakurai Ryoko, developed a control drug known as "LiNKER" and by taking an overdose of the drug, Kanade acquired the ability to use the power of Gungnir as a compatible candidate. 

In Kanade's case LiNKER's effectiveness was proven to be tremendous, but the burden it brought upon the human body was equally as immense. It was for this reason that LiNKER was modified with a limit on how long it could remain active. From then on there were times where Kanade would refer to herself as a "fake candidate" and complain about her "time limit." 

-The day of the concert tragedy-

One of the purposes of Project: N was to collect data from the girls during their live stage performance. In order to reduce the number of uncontrollable variables and prevent unusable ("garbage") data, Kanade had refrained from taking her prescribed dosage of LiNKER for a period of time before the concert. Ultimately, this led to a disaster during the fight with the Noise when Kanade's combat limit was cut short. 

After a sharp decline in her compatibility coefficient, the Symphogear armor on Kanade's body began to disengage and so she decided to end the fighting as quickly as possible. It was at this point that she began to burn her life energy to the point where it ran out. 

This is so sad to read. We knew from watching the flashbacks that Kanade already suffered a lot at the hands of the Noise, and that it was by her own sheer will that she became able to use the Symphogear. Then, reading this, you realize that her death might have ultimately been avoided if they were better prepared for an attack. I'm willing to bet that Ryoko was in charge of Project: N, which makes me wonder if having Kanade stop taking the drug might have been an intentional plan to remove Kanade from the picture. After all, Ryoko was able to control the number of Noise that attacked the concert. Knowing that Kanade was weak, she could have intentionally overwhelmed her with the Noise. Then again, she probably wanted to overwhelm them to create enough chaos so she could steal Nehushtan, and I guess she would only consider Kandade as collateral damage if that was the case.


  1. "After all, Ryoko was able to control the number of Noise that attacked the concert."

    Could she? The only time we see her be able to is with Soloman's Cane. Chris says it takes her nine months to activate that, and given the newspaper that references Chris right before the concert we can probably assume Fine just picked her up, so there wouldn't have been enough time...

    That being said, these translations are great :)! Thanks for all you do

    1. This is actually addressed in a future keyword about Fine, haha. You can look forward to finding out the specifics later, but I can tell you she actually does have the ability to summon Noise by herself. However, she can't control their actions without the use of Solomon's cane. So yes, she was responsible for the Noise that attacked the concert. It was by no means a coincidence that they appeared in large numbers either, she needed Tsubasa and Kanade to remain distracted while she absconded with the Nehushtan.

    2. Oh, that makes a lot more sense! It always seemed like she'd have another way besides just Soloman's Cane. I look forward to that keyword then :D