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Interview with Aoi Yuki from CUT Magazine August 2015 issue

I've been sitting on this magazine for quite awhile now. I originally picked it up when I saw a picture of the Symphogear article on Twitter back around the time it was released. It features interviews with all 6 main members of the cast. I'm planning to TL them one-by-one as I have time. Today I'll be starting with the headliner: Hibiki's actress, Aoi Yuki.

The “Senki Zessho Symphogear” TV anime series first began back in January of 2012. At the time Aoi Yuki was still in her teens and was faced with the role of the main character, Hibiki Tachibana. Although she was very nervous, she put her utmost into the performance. She talked with us about the passionate feelings she conveyed through Hibiki as her other half.

Aoi: So first I have to say that season 3 starts with a first episode that has enough intensity to make it seem like it's actually the final episode. It suddenly hits you with the energy level at 100% and I couldn't help but think “this is Symphogear!” (laugh). Also the girls who we fought against previously are now our allies and you get to see a bit of their fun and peaceful life outside of the fighting, which made me realize how happy they could be. Hibiki's personality is very simplistic even though she has a tendency to worry about many things, but I think that's part of what makes her a heroine of justice because she worries about doing what's right. However this time I realized how cheerful she is when there's nothing to worry about (laugh).

What aspects of Hibiki did you adopt in order to play her role?

Aoi: Well for starters, I also feel like I can't afford to fail so I always make sure to bring my best (laugh). Hibiki doesn't seem like she's good at many things, and people might think she's in the wrong sometimes, but the reason I love her as a character is because she's always giving it 200%. Also, I think it's very important that she never thinks of anyone else as her enemy. She always starts with “let's talk it out” which often leads to her facing a lot of hardship, but at the end of the day it also makes everyone around her say “you're so stupid! But we love you.”

Continuing from season 1 and 2, the character songs in season 3 seem to portray a more determined Hibiki through the lyrics.

Aoi: Yes, that's right. Rather than for fighting, she's firmly reached the conclusion that her fists should be used in order to protect other people. So at this point, she's found the answer inside of herself and now her songs are about how she's making that a reality. Over time she's really grown up and gotten much stronger, I think. It really just makes me fall for her, because she's so cool (laugh).

Speaking of songs, your performance at the last concert was a big experience for you wasn't it?

Yes, definitely. But to be honest, singing in front of a large audience has never been one of my strong points. It was because Hibiki was there beside me that I was able to stand on that stage, and I honestly don't think I would have been able to do it if she wasn't there. I was very happy to see the joy on everyone's faces at the concert, and it was a big step for me to be able to withstand the intensity of the crowd. It probably wouldn't have been the same if I was just by myself, but because everyone there was a fan of Hibiki I can put all my efforts into being there as her, because I don't think I should stand there and worry about making sure I don't overdo it.

What is the most important thing you would say you've inherited from Symphogear?

That's a tough one. Probably the fact that it's okay for me to keep worrying (laugh). I will continue to struggle and worry about various things and perhaps that is the trick that lets me stay as Hibiki. At least, that's the feeling I get. In reality I did worry about many things, and I came to realize other things as a result. So what's important for me from here on is to face Hibiki head on and share my worries with her. 

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