Friday, March 11, 2016

Symphogear Live 2016 goods available for order

As promised by the twitter account, online sales for all of the concert goods started today. Unfortunately it is not hosted by Good Smile Company like in previous years, and is instead hosted by the King Records webshop. This means shipping overseas is not possible, but people overseas may still find ways to get them.

Orders are open now until March 22nd at 11:59 pm Japan Time.

Prices (including tax) for all items are the same as they were at the concert itself.

All items have been included for order which means nothing was left out like in previous years (such as the playbutton).

According to the FAQ on the website, they accept Visa and Mastercard for payment and the website does not specify that foreign cards are not accepted which means it may be possible to pay for the items and have them shipped to a Japanese address.

For this, you can use the forwarding service Tenso.

Or you can also order through other proxy services.

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to place orders for anyone because I have to pay in cash, and getting money from my paypal to my bank and into Japanese yen is a long process. However I am more than happy to offer language assistance if needed. Just hit up my email or find me on twitter.