Thursday, February 25, 2016

Symphogear G and GX medley airs on Radio Nikkei

Someone on the staff of Radio Nikkei's "Anime & Seiyu Music Night" is a big fan of Symphogear. In the past the station aired a nonstop marathon of 6 songs from season 1, but now they've stepped up their game.

In preparation for the upcoming concert, an editor stepped forward and created a 30 minute medley consisting of 24 songs from G and GX. The special program was aired live on Japanese radio the evening of February 23rd and re-aired last night, the 25th.

Normally the station airs music from anime concerts after the event, as a retrospective, but this time the music was aired early. The reason for this is that supposedly the staff member in charge of picking songs is a big fan of Symphogear and is unable to attend the concert, so the program was aired as a way for fans who can't go to enjoy something special.

A rip of the program can be streamed and downloaded here.

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