Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pre-concert Hype

With just over a week to go before the big 2016 concert, things are getting pretty exciting. Tonight the official website revealed that BD 6 will have a new song for Carol titled: "Green, Green." Also the line-up of concert goods has been revealed which includes a few surprises.

And if you haven't noticed I've started a database of translated lyrics for all the GX songs. So far this only includes the songs I TL'd for H&D but I've begun the secondary songs from the CDs as well, the most recent being Tsubasa's "To the sky." Check it out.

A list of the concert goods can be found at the official site, but I will list them here for reference:

Penlight - 3,500 yen

Features 8 colors: Orange (Hibiki), Blue (Tsubasa), Red (Chris), White (Maria), Light Pink (Shirabe), Green (Kirika), Violet (Miku) and Yellow (Carol).

Character T-Shirts - 3,500 each

There are 8 shirts, 1 for each character listed above. All of the art featured is from the CD covers with the exception of Miku who has a new exclusive image to match the rest.

Concert T-Shirt - 3,000 yen

A t-shirt for the event, featuring the logo on the front and small versions of the character images on the back.

Concert Parker/Hoodie - 6,000 yen

A subtle piece of clothing that only features a small version of the concert logo on the front and the "Symphogear Live 2016" text on the back.

Muffler Towel - 2,000 yen / Sports Towel - 3,000 yen / Wristband - 5,00 yen 

All of these are self explanatory, they feature the concert logo on them.

Budoukan (Grape Tin) - 1,000 yen

Aside from the silly name (a pun on the location of the event), this is an exciting new package of 3 different items. Within the tin you get 2 randomly packaged items: 1 of 5 new rubber straps featuring the Alca-Noise and Chris's rabbit strap. 1 of 8 acrylic straps featuring the main characters and 1 of 8 cork coasters featuring the same characters.

Clear file set - 1,000 yen

Features the same 8 characters, including Miku's new art.

Playbutton - 3,000 yen

This is a large button pin designed to play music. There are controls on the back and an input for headphones. It features all 15 of the songs from the GX character CDs (none of the BD songs are included).

Mobile battery charger - 5,000 yen

For use with smartphones or mobile gaming devices, this is a portable battery featuring GX's logo.

Concert sales start at the venue at 11 am on Saturday the 27th. At the moment it's unclear if these will be available for order at a later date, but considering the past it wouldn't surprise me if they were put online officially when the concert ends.

I will be in attendance for both days of the concert. I'll be posting updates on twitter. If you happen to be there and would like to meet up I'm always happy to chat with other fans. I'll also be carrying some goodies to give away. Just hit me up on twitter or at my email;


  1. Oh maaan~~~ When I first found out about there being a GX Concert, I was so hyped and really wanted to go~~.

    Too bad that wish didn't come true in time ><~~

    Will you be there for the concert?

    1. Yes, I will be there for both days!

      Sorry to hear you couldn't make your wish come true, but the concert will probably be released on blu-ray within the months following so you'll still be able to see it that way!

    2. Ah~~ Hoping to get it as soon as it comes out ^^.

      Please keep us updated on that, since you seem to have good sources for your info. It would be much appeciated~~

      Also, from the list of items available, what do you plan on getting? Everything or you already have specific things in mind? That GX portable charger looks AMAZING BTW \*O*/