Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ayahi talks about the live rehersal

The actress who plays Chris, Ayahi Takagaki, recently updated her blog to talk a bit about what happened at the rehearsal for the concert this week. I went ahead and did a quick TL.

Getting ready for Symphogear Live

Hello everyone!
It's nearly time, we're only 1 week away from Symphogear Live 2016!
Recently, I went to the rehersal ♪(*´艸`*)

There's no doubt...
Symphogear's music is composed with power!!!
I really felt it!

Before rehersal I knew I would need the energy so I ate a tuna bowl
But after we were finished I was already hungry again...
So I scarfed down some spaghetti...
And even ended up eating a mini-cake for desert... (lol)
I might need to reconsider my eating habits...

However the real performance is going to take up even mooooooore energy 
So I have to work on building up my strength☆

But as always
Symphogear is just full of good songs...
While I was singing it made me feel all emotional!!
It's hard to put into words but I could feel that will be a really intense stage show...!
There are so many things to look forward to!!

After the rehersal a producer walked up to me
And he said, "Here's your participation prize!"

And he gave me...Samurai Noise merch

The staff are really just the best!
Yes!! They're mine!! (≧∇≦)
Thank you!!

A Samurai Noise clear file and keyholder!
I had wanted them, so I was so happy to get them!
I hurried and put all the live documents in the clear file♪

I wonder where I should put the keyholder...
Could it be? Is this the next hit fad for keyholders!? (lol)

The miraculous character that Nana created at the last live...
Samurai Noise...!!
It made an appearance in GX too, but...
Whenever I see it I can't help but think it's way too avant garde!! (lol)
I noticed when I looked closely that the hands in particular are amazing Σ(*゜д゜ )

Senpai! As expected of your talent!!!

Oh, that's right!
Symphogear is getting a lot of merch right now
But the live merch is going to be really awesome too!

Of course they have t-shirts for all the characters!
And they'll be selling a parker and music player among other things too!

But more importantly, my recommendation is...

The grape tin (budou kan)!!!!

We're performing at the Budoukan so of course we need a budou kan!!
It's just the greatest thing!!!!
The Grape Noise has a big role to fill☆

And of course, the content of the tin...
Is a bunch of wonder randomly packaged merch!!
And within all of those goodies
There is one thing in particular I have my eyes on...

A rubber strap of the keyholder attached to Chris's bag!!

No way, no way!
The rabbit keyholder I designed for Chris...
They went and made it into a real thing (T ▽ T)
I'm just so happy!!

I'm so grateful to all the power of the Symphogear Team!

Now then, I wonder which strap I'll get?? (*^^*)
All of the random merch is cute so I'm really looking forward to it!!

I want to complete my collection of Chris merch!

Check out all the details on the official site

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