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Summary of Zesshoushinai GX 1

Tonight I got my copy of BD vol 3, after watching it I decided to do a quick run down of what happens in Zesshoushinai. Of course H&D has plans to do subs, but it might take awhile depending on various factors. In the meantime I hope this will satisfy your appetite.

All segments take place after G, but before GX.

Part 1

Hibiki and Miku are studying prior to an end of semester test. Hibiki is frustrated because she’s convinced she won’t do well no matter how much she studies. She wonders why they study regular subjects even though Lydian is a school associated with Div 2. She then realizes that it’s because of this she can feel like she has a “normal” life. She then says to Miku “I’m home,” to which Miku replies: “Welcome home.”

Part 2

Two weeks after the Frontier Incident, Ogawa is reporting to Genjuro about evidence they recovered from the ruins of Frontier and the aircraft carrier that belonged to FIS. He tells Genjuro they found a mysterious letter that was torn up and discarded. They managed to put the letter back together, but have been unable to determine what the “mysterious poem” it contains means. They decide to return it to the FIS girls, which sets-up a scene you may remember from the original Zesshoushinai.  

Part 3

Meanwhile at the holding facility where they are being kept, Shirabe and Maria watch in confusion as Kirika drops to her knees and starts shivering, claiming that she just had a “very bad feeling” about something (the letter).

Part 4

Shirabe watches intently as the clock strikes noon, which is when lunch gets delivered to their holding cell. She happily consumes the meal and wonders whoever said prison food was bad. Maria watches her and wonders how Shirabe can enjoy the food so much.

Part 5

Maria blows gently on her rice before eating it. Shirabe comments that it doesn’t seem hot enough to warrant blowing on. Maria defensively states that it’s simply a habit she has and she isn’t actually unable to eat hot food. Kirika comments that having such a habit is proof she can’t handle hot food.

Part 6

During their winter vacation, Hibiki, Miku and Chris are watching Tsubasa perform live on TV. Hibiki remarks that seeing her like this makes her realize “Tsubasa really is Tsubasa,” to which Chris agrees.

Part 7

Following up to the previous scene, the girls are now watching Tsubasa perform on a game show (the same one talked about in the first Zesshoushinai) where she has the lowest score and answers questions incorrectly. Hibiki makes the same comment: “Tsubasa really is Tsubasa” except in a more deflated tone. Chris agrees and Miku scolds them that saying as such will make Tsubasa mad. 

Part 8

It’s New Years at the holding facility for the FIS girls. They are treated to the traditional Japanese meal of “Osechi” which leaves them all dumb-founded at the amount of food and quality. Maria laments over the fact that they skimped on the food budget for the sake of their plan for so long. While she’s distracted, Kirika almost attempts to steal her food but then has her attention drawn by Shirabe who realizes that the meal includes cookies and chocolate. Maria then admonishes both of them not to get used to life in prison.

Part 9

Tsubasa, Chris, Hibiki and Miku visit the FIS girls at the holding facility. They bring a box of doughnuts and a note telling Shirabe and Kirika they’ll be going to school together come Spring (this was shown as a flashback in GX). Maria comments to herself that she’s glad leaving their fate up to the people at Div 2 was the right decision. Tsubasa tells the 3 of them that they’ve become more “well-rounded people,” to which the girls take the “rounded” part literally (meaning all the food has made them fat). Tsubasa is confused at their distress and Maria comments about how airheaded Tsubasa can be at times. Tsubasa says she thinks Maria has become the most well-rounded, which causes Maria to spout her signature line “this sword isn’t cute!”

Part 10

With winter break over, the girls are back at school for their last semester of the academic year. Tsubasa’s graduation is quickly approaching and the girls are discussing it together. Tsubasa says that with the Noise gone she is going to chase her dreams of being a singer overseas and go to London. Hibiki tells her that they will do their best, so she doesn’t need to worry about them. Tsubasa says that she knows Hibiki is reliable and is more concerned about Chris. Hibiki and Tsubasa comment about how Chris often hides her face when she cries. Chris angrily says that if anyone is going to be crying it will be Tsubasa. Tsubasa claims that as a sword, she has determined to never cry again.

Part 11

Tsubasa breaks down crying at graduation. In the aftermath the girls are talking to each other and Tsubasa says she couldn’t stop the tears when she thought about how they wouldn’t be together anymore. This causes Chris and Tsubasa to both burst out crying again. Miku comments that things will be lonely without Tsubasa and Hibiki says it felt like they would always be together. Suddenly their communication devices start ringing.

Part 12

The girls answer the call and find out that a space shuttle is in danger and they are needed to help. They are told to go to headquarters immediately. Hibiki asks Tsubasa to help them out one last time and Tsubasa replies by saying that no matter how far they are separated in the future, they will always be together. They run off towards headquarters as Miku watches on and tells them to be careful.

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