Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Small updates

BD 2 is now out, and BD 3 is on the horizon. The deadline of the lottery for concert tickets for Day 2 is November 16th. If you have a code you want me to enter for you, or if you have a code you don't plan to use otherwise please send me an email: zoidzero1@gmail.com

The lottery results will be announced on November 20th.

Just a few tidbits and reminders:

Vol 2 sold 15,000+ units. Solid numbers following vol 1. BD 3 will include the first new Senki Zesshoushinai short as well as the new Hibiki/Miku duet.

Kaneko briefly mentioned on his twitter that he actually sent a letter to the radio show anonymously, and it ended up not being read on air. He was very nervous before he sent it, claiming he felt the same level of hesitation as you would when calling the girl you like in Elementary school.  I'm really curious what the contents of his letter were, but we may never know.

Twitter user Testsou created a small scrolling HTML game involving Kirika and Shirabe's contraption from episode 13 killing Noise. Click to start and move with the mouse to kill the Noise. Click to activate the scissors which are the only things capable of killing the Grape Noise and Bushi Noise. It's pretty fun.

Minase Inori had a talk show recently. Some of you may know, as I've mentioned before, she had a minor role in s1 of Symphogear as a background character. At the talk show she mentioned that she actually auditioned for Hibiki in s1 and later Kirika in s2. It wasn't until Carol in s3 that she finally got a role. Before she was told she had gotten the role of Carol, she had thought it was impossible for her and was ready to give up hope. After she found out she had been cast, she got very nervous. Apparently for good reason because there were times when she couldn't read the kanji in the script, and sweat a lot in the recording booth. At one point she got a hug from Ao-chan and recalled that "it felt good."

The rough script of episode 12 is finished for H&D. I'm working on 13. We should wrap up the series in the next week or two, for those of you interested. Thanks for sticking with us.


  1. Will be any difference between the 2 days? Have they said anything about it?

    1. Nothing has been said, and I doubt we will hear anything. Set lists are never released prior to the concert, and the only real question is which songs they will play. I see it going one of two ways:

      1) One day is dedicated to GX and all the songs from it, while the other day is dedicated to songs from the previous two seasons.
      2) Both days include a dedicated set of GX songs, mixed with songs from previous seasons that will change between the two days.

      I think the latter is more likely, but it's hard to know for sure. Both days will undoubtedly include a "talk show" segment, and the content of that will probably change up as well.

  2. Do you think you could repost subs from episodes 1 through 3 of GX based on crunchyroll before going over the BD's?

    1. We don't use the CR subs as any sort of base, I always write H&D's scripts from scratch which is why the process takes so long. Despite a few minor mishaps in the first few eps (notably the lack of "K2" in episode 1), I don't think there were any major mistakes that would warrant a re-release at this point. We picked up a new editor around episode 5, so he'll look through those earlier scripts when we do the BDs.

    2. I meant your subs over the video source from crunchyroll, from 1-3, since the rest don't have screens that were so fuzzy in certain times.

    3. Oh, duh! Sorry, my only role on the team is translating so when I read your question all I thought about was the subs. That's a great point, I will bring it up to the rest of the team.