Sunday, October 4, 2015

Update on Symphogear Live 2016

With the release of the first blu-ray comes new information about the concert tickets and how you can go about getting them. I'll explain more details in this post.

If you bought the first volume of Symphogear GX on BD or DVD, there should be a little black and white leaflet included that has a serial number for the ticket lottery. It looks like this:

You can see a URL on there in addition to the serial number, that's the site you have to go to to register it. Unfortunately it's different from the 2013 concert and not e-plus as I guessed that it would be in my previous post. Instead it's the website called pia. You can view the Symphogear concert page here. However in order to enter the number you will need an account first which you can sign up for one here but before you bother with that I suggest you read on.

One serial number allows you to enter a chance for one ticket. There is no "first come, first serve" basis for the numbers. The seat you get or your chance at winning the lottery are not at all affected by putting in your number later or earlier. However, the numbers can only be registered from now until October 19th at midnight Japan time. After that time the entries for the first lottery will be closed. The results will be announced on October 23rd around noon Japan time.

There are 3 options for payment via pia's website. The first is payment at a 7-11 convenience store in Japan. Second, via credit card. And the final option is through a website called econtext, which unfortunately I am not familiar with. For people overseas, the only real option is via credit card but sadly according to the site's FAQ page they do not accept credit cards issued outside of Japan. If you manage to figure out a way to pay, you also have to select the location where you will have your ticket printed. Generally this can be done at most major conveniences stores in Japan, for pia this means either at 7-11 and Circle K.

Now...I had taken screenshots of all the necessary steps to register the code in order to show you, but I'm not sure anyone who actually reads this lives in Japan and would be interested in knowing the process. Most, if not all of you who are reading this probably live outside of Japan and want to attend the concert. For those of you who bought BD1 (or later on BD 2) I may be able to offer you some help.

At the current moment I've registered multiple codes on pia's website for the lottery. They have  a special tracking page where you can see the results of each individual number, so they can be kept apart. In other words, I can keep my own numbers separate from any numbers I enter for other people. This means, I can enter a number for you. However, you obviously have to be willing to pay for the ticket in order for me to buy it. Let me explain a bit further.

When the lottery ends and the results are announced on October 23rd, there will be a payment period that usually lasts for 1 to 2 weeks. Any winning numbers that are not paid for before the deadline will be cancelled. After payment is complete, you do not get the ticket immediately. There is an issuing period for tickets starting at a later date (which has not yet been announced). Generally this is about 1 month or more prior to the concert and they can be printed until the very last day before the actual event.

So, if I enter a serial number for you and it passes the lottery you must be able to send 7,400 yen or it's US dollar equivalent to my paypal as soon as possible. That covers the cost of the ticket + pia's fees. After I get the money via paypal I will pay for your ticket and then I can tell you the dates it can be printed. If you want I can print it and mail it to you. Or I can keep it and hand it over to you in person at the event. For those of you who have the time and money to plan a trip to Japan for the concert and are interested in having me enter a serial number on your behalf, please send me an email at I will send you screenshot of your serial number to confirm it was entered and obviously show you the results when they are announced.

For those of you without a serial number and would like to get tickets. I may be able to help you at a later date when the general sales for tickets have been announced. However, if in the event I end up with any extra tickets from the lottery, I will make an offering on the blog. So keep your eyes for any updates around the Oct 23rd announcement.


  1. Raffling the concert tickets will always be a great gift and fun for the group fans. Thanks for the initiative.

  2. Are you going for the concert also?

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