Saturday, September 19, 2015

So I heard you like keywords

As always, I'm failing to keep up with these as they come out but I'm trying to add in a select few every now and then. Enjoy.

Dr. Ver
In order to save face for the organizations and individuals involved, the truth of the Frontier Incident was swept entirely under the rug.

As a fundamental part of those events, John Wayne Vercingetorix (aka Dr. Ver) was not given a trial in a court of law, but rather locked away in the Dragon Shrine in the abyss under the pretense that he wasn’t human, but rather a part of the dangerous complete relic known as the “Nephilim.”

His left arm and the power of the Nephilim that resides inside of it, remain perfectly functional. It still retains the ability to consume, assimilate, and control other relics.

However, there is a sharp downside to that incredible ability in that it has absolutely no effect on any power or device that is not derived from a relic at its source. For this reason, Dr. Ver’s isolated cell was constructed almost exactly the same as those in a common prison.

Akira Tachibana
Hibiki’s father. Formerly known as Akira Morisaki.

Exposed to unbearable amounts of stress both in and outside of his home, he cast aside his family and his workplace and then disappeared.

After he distanced himself from Tokyo he scraped together a living by working various part-time jobs and moving from place to place. When he eventually settled briefly in Ibaraki Prefecture he was working at a gas station when by a twist of fate he encountered a girl who he recognized that used to play with his daughter, along with Hibiki, his actual daughter.

His personality was that of a cheerful, doting parent. He had a strong sense of responsibility, and was a positive problem-solver. However…over time he lost that outlook and began wearing a superficial smile, which eventually lead to him completely averting from the pain and stress of the situation, almost like a different person.

However, he was inspired by his chance meeting with Hibiki and contacted her. He decided he could come face-to-face with her, if nothing else. Was that decision made because somewhere within his heart, the passion he once held might still smolder inside?

Chris’s Circumstances
Her father, Masanori Yukine, was a violinist.
Her mother, Sonnet M. Yukine, was a vocalist.
As part of a non-government volunteer organization the two parents took a very young Chris with them to a republic that recently suffered from a coup and had suspended all diplomatic relations with other countries: the Val Verde Commonwealth. They entered the country through Guatemala and put on public music performances in different places while traveling with the ultimate goal of lending aid to refugees.

At first, they traveled along with delegates from the United Nations but they eventually got trapped by the expanding front-lines of the ongoing war and became isolated from their organization. They were later declared missing.

Shortly after that, Masanori and Sonnet deaths were confirmed by outside sources, and after some time Chris made her return to Japan while being used by Fine.

Generally speaking, Chris had grown up in a situation where her relations with other people were incredibly confined. Even when compared to Shirabe and Kirika, who grew up isolated in the FIS’s White Orphanage, and especially when compared to girls of her same age. Due to this, Chris has developed what would best be considered a type of “fear” when it comes to relations with other people. She has an inclination to be incredibly cautious when around others.

When she met with Hibiki and the others, they extended their hands out to her and she considers her bonds with them to be very precious. However at the same time, when she reaches her own hand out to others she finds it very awkward and that fact casts a shadow on her heart.

With the arrival of new students and new gear users younger than her, Chris found herself anguishing over a perceived need to fill the role of “senpai.” As she worried over this she would ask herself the same questions over and over in the hopes of coming up with an answer. However the answer was not to be found inside of her, and she came to realize that thanks to her younger peers who she had inadvertently ignored.

Chris came to understand that being able to accept other people is a way of forming bonds with them. At that moment, she lost the conditioned “fear” she had of making relationships and the wall that isolated her from the rest of the world came tumbling down.

And at the same time, she finally understood the feelings of her parents who wished for world peace through their songs. 

Hermes Trismegistus
A three-layered defensive technique exhibited by Carol.

The name, which means “Thrice-greatest Hermes,” is the name of a legendary alchemist of the highest caliber who was responsible for the creation of the Emerald Tablet.

This technique can only be completed by joining three distinct arts as one. Apart from alchemy this includes demon summoning and celestial mechanics. In addition to the user needing the necessary skills, this technique requires advanced preparation and is not by any means considered easy to use.

However, in exchange for that, the defensive potential of the technique is exceedingly high. It can be used as a barrier that will block out any deadly attacks and give the user an upper hand in breaking a deadlock.

Carol’s use of the technique was actually very clever and logical, in terms of strategy she completely read her opponent’s movements and sought to block them off. However, Hibiki had lit a fire within herself and brought a swift end to the technique with no regard to its origin or effects, simply by thinking “don’t know, don’t care.” 

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