Thursday, July 19, 2012

Translation Corner #8

Wow, I haven't done one of these for awhile. I left this one half-translated for months and I figured I should finish it. Today's translation corner is about the Noise, more specifically it talks about the Noise outbreaks.

Keyword #8: Noise Outbreaks

After the Noise had been classified at the United Nations General Assembly, private research agencies began an investigation into the outbreak occurrence rates.

Taking central Tokyo's population density, state of public affairs and economic status as a base, it was calculated that throughout their entire lives the current residents of Tokyo had a smaller chance of encountering the Noise than being involved in an incident with a random (human) attacker.

In order to stem the flow of excessive information regarding the Noise, the credibility of the numbers have been left in doubt, so public perceptions about the number of Noise outbreaks are still relatively doubtful.Currently, the only information that is clear is that the number of outbreaks near the Lydian Private Music Academy is unusually high. 

This was really hard to translate so I can't really guarantee it's accuracy - but if what I ended up with is true then Noise outbreaks still occur frequently even outside of Lydian academy. It makes me wonder if Fine has complete control over all the Noise - or if they still occur randomly, independent of her action.


  1. I thought that was exactly what Fine meant in the last episode; that mankind had created so much noise to fight their battles that it was still around from thousands of years ago and the Noise she controlled was the kind she created with her armor and relic?

    1. You're totally right - they mention this a few times in the show, but the problem is they don't show very many random outbreaks of Noise. Most instances in the series were obviously created by either Fine or Chris (in the earlier episodes).

      I just wish we had a better idea of how often the outbreaks occurred outside of Fine's influence.