Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scan progress + BD sales update

Manga progress is coming along slowly, but surely. I scanned about 4/5ths of the first volume and should finish the rest this weekend. Unfortunately that's only about half of the process - I still need to translate and do typesetting for the English version! So far I've started chapter 2 and I've finished chapter 1 (with a slightly updated translation from the original chapter 1 release). I don't have a time frame for completion quite yet, but within the next week or two I hope.

Just for a quick tease here's one of the first pages from chapter 2, which involves Kanade and Tsubasa doing a rehearsal prior to the concert from episode 1. Click for the full res version:

As for the anime, I'm happy to say it's still selling fairly well. Each volume (included the most recent v4) has sold about 3.5k BDs and then DVDs push the total sales to over 4k. While those aren't the most amazing numberss compared to other hit anime, consistency goes a long way in showing the strength of a property. With only 2 volumes left to go, maybe we can hope to hear more about the future of Symphogear after the final volume gets released and the concert in Japan happens.

"Symphogear v4 sells 3,426 BDs, DVDs do not rank this time due to higher thresholds. Only down 2.2% on v3 wk1 BD though, so it's been really consistent on BD: 3.6k > 3.5k > 3.5k > 3.4K. [Update: v4 sells approximately 650 DVDs, total 4,076.]" - Source

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