Friday, August 4, 2017

AXZ Keywords #5

As usual we got a website update with some new keywords and an episode preview. Already almost at the halfway point, trying my best to keep up!

Episode Preview

Symphogear AXZ Episode 6 - From the depths of Hell
Like a noose of silk getting ever tighter, death creeps closer and closer. 
Stuck in the middle with no way out, the most effective attack are the words from that day.
That hand you keep stretched out, some grab on and some slip through. 
The emotions of those who wear their determination to press on, reside in the ruins of the past.
Yearning to make that dream a reality, the winds of Axia breeze through. 


Lapis Philosophicus (Update)

Not only can it be used to enable the transmutation of objects, but it has also been said to act as a cure-all for any illness or impurity. In fact it has demonstrated the ability to not only forcibly shut down Dainsleif, the core of the Ignite Module, and reset the Symphogear to its normal state, but also take the feedback of that process and deal it as damage directly to the Adaptors. It could be said that it is the most effective counter, completely ripping out the fangs of the Ignite Module. The Lapis Philosophicus is the magnum opus of alchemy spoken of since ancient times, and its legend was spread to Greece and Egypt during the Hellenistic period by Augurello who wrote "Chrysopoeia." Within in, he described it as "one the all." This phrase was later used by Xenophanes to describe God in a manner similar to Pantheism. Indeed, it is the "Perfection" that the alchemists have long sought after. Currently, there are 3 lapis that have been reborn as Faust Robes which give overwhelming strength and a pure radiance to Saint Germain, Cagliostro and Prelati.

Direct Feedback System

Developed by a team that had Dr. Ver at its core, this is a device that enables direct interference into the human brain. Unlike other countries (mainly Japan), America applied its sacrist research mechanically and used black arts tech to develop things such as the "Air Carrier" helicopter that was equipped with "Wizardry Stealth" and the "Remover Ray." The Direct Feedback System is also one of the results of their research. It was once cruelly used to warp the emotions of Miku Kohinata and force her to don the Shen-shou-jing Symphogear. After the end of the Frontier Incident, many items were gathered as evidence and the Direct Feedback System was one of them.

Electric Field Microscope Beatrice

An (in)complete device developed by Elfnein utilizing alchemy and the Direct Feedback System as a base. She developed it with the goal of being able to observe and understand the human brain. The device sends an electric signal into the patient's brain and then develops a virtual version based off the response. On the other end, the observer's consciousness is converted to electric signals and sent into the virtual realm where the "world" of the brain can be viewed from the inside. The most important feature of the device is the mechanism by which it reduces potential damage to the patient's brain. Unlike the case of Miku Kohinata and the Shen-shou-jing Symphogear, the device does not directly interfere with the patient's brain and instead recreates the brain's signals in a fake, virtual realm. However, this does not mean that it is devoid of risk. There are many potential dangers including loss of the subject's personality or fusion with the observer's consciousness. The device is named after "Beatrice" from the works of the Italian Poet, Dante. Just as he met her in hell, the observer must also enter and travel through a "dangerous world," the subject's virtual consciousness. Another reason for the name is that the root of "Beatrice" (Viatrix) comes from the Latin "viare" which means "to travel."


  1. I can't believe Symphogear is a precursor to Ar Tonelico.

    But more seriously thanks again for the work!

  2. Err....and the Symphoblog 4-Koma?

    New Chapters appear! Can you translate it?

  3. I meant to send this as a DM, but I obviously don't understand Twitter.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your work in translating! I'm -almost- as passionate about Symphogear as you are, and while I can make my way around XDU most of the time, you really are there to shine light on the things I can't completely get on my own! (commentary on the HibiMiku event beginning soon)

    Really, thank you very much for everything you do!