Friday, June 23, 2017

Symphogear Radio returns TONIGHT!

In about 20 minutes the first new episode of Symphogear Radio will broadcast on the Hibiki radio station, which you can stream online at this site or using their associated phone app. You can follow my twitter for live updates in English.


Superb Laugh of the Valkyries – Symphogear Radio

Symphoear Radio is back! On this program, listeners can keep up with the excitement of the new season, Symphogear AXZ, along with the host Yuka Iguchi (Miku Kohinata) as she strives to obtain the superb laugh!

Corner Information

Listener's Corner / Impressions

We're currently accepting messages from listeners with their opinions of the radio show, the anime, and of course any questions for our host and guests!

Hibiki's home – That is me

Miku Kohinata is the close childhood friend of the main character, Hibiki Tachibana. Their relationship has developed to the point where it's not an exaggeration to say Miku is Hibiki's wife. To that end, we're accepting messages from listeners with their impressions of their relationship including: “An ideal wife would do something like this!” or “I think a desirable wife has these qualities!”

I will achieve it. The superb laugh!

The “Superb Song” within the context of Symphogear is the ultimate offensive attack usable by the Adaptors. It unleashes the power of the Symphogear beyond its limits, but also brings the risk of physical injury to the user. However, in this segment it is not a “superb song” but rather a “superb laugh” that must be achieved. So we're accepting messages from fans with their ideas that “will surely get a laugh!” Whichever gags, puns or short anecdotes you may have Ms. Iguchi will read it on air as your proxy.

Cool! I want to send a message, but I don't speak Japanese!

Good news! I will translate for you. Send an email to with the following information and I will submit it to the radio show. It will air weekly on Friday nights Japan time. 

1. Radio Name (this is how you will be identified when they read the message on-air, so make it something memorable...and perhaps easy for Yuka to say!)
2. Your email address
3. Which of the above segments you are submitting for
4. Your message


  1. add on
    game releasing on 26 june!!

  2. I tried to listen to the Symphogear Radio but for some reason I get no sound. Do you know how to fix it? (Neither Google Chrome nor Internet Explorer let me even play the thing and when I use Firefox there is no sound even though it shows a play bar which advances as normal).