Saturday, January 7, 2017

Symphogear XDU pre-registration begins

Happy New Year! Yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of Symphogear, and 2017 will be a big year with the coming of the mobile game and the 4th season. I will hopefully be doing more frequent updates over the next few months. There's a lot of content I want to work on and I expect to have more time to get it done this year. For now, let's start with all the new info about the game.

The official site for the Symphogear X-Drive Unlimited mobile game was updated on January 6th with new information about the gameplay system, as well as previews of all the characters and their voice clips. You can also pre-register by visiting this page and entering your email in the box below the banner and selecting a smartphone OS (either iOS or android). The more people who pre-register, the more items get unlocked when the game is released, so tell your friends!

Gameplay system overview 

Character art and voice clip translations

Hibiki 1: 
"I'm Hibiki Tachibana! My birthday is September 13th and my blood-type is O! I measured my height recently and it was 5'2 inches. My weight, that's a secret! I love rice and rice!" 

Hibiki 2:
"Let's go everybody!" 

Tsubasa 1: 
"I'm Tsubasa Kazanari."

Tsubasa 2:
"Don't worry, Kanade! I'm not a weakling anymore!" 

Chris 1: 
"I'm Chris Yukine. Well...uh, nice to meetcha."

Chris 2:
"We're gonna blow them all away at once, Hibiki!"

Maria 1: 
"I'm Maria Cadenzavna Eve. Nice to meet you." 

Maria 2:
"I have Serena supporting me. There's no way I'll lose!"

Shirabe 1: 
"I'm Shirabe Tsukuyomi. Nice to meet you." 

Shirabe 2:
"Nobody can stand up to our ultimate combination. Isn't that right, Kiri-chan?"

Kirika 1: 
"I'm Kirika Akatsuki! Let's get along!" 

Kirika 2:
"If I'm together with you Shirabe, it's a piece of cake!"

Kanade 1: 
"I'm Kanade Amou, nice to meet ya." 

Kanade 2:
"The two halves of Zwei Wing, together Tsubasa and I can fly anywhere!"

Serena 1:
"I'm Maria's little sister, Serena Cadenzavna Eve."

Serena 2;
"Sis...we can finally fight together."

Miku 1:
"I'm Hibiki's childhood friend and classmate, Miku Kohinata."

Miku 2:
"Hibiki, you shouldn't push yourself too hard."

Fine 1; 
"Why bother putting up a fight, it's pointless."

Fine 2: 
"Now, it's time to start the show."

Carol 1:
"My name is Carol Malus Dienheim. Don't you dare to forget it."

Carol 2:
"Those who adorn miracles are always the same, no matter what world they're in."

The website also indicates a new promo video will be released soon, along with a TV advertisement which will accompany Symphogear's reairing on Japanese TV starting this month. The theme song for the game, Nana Mizuki's "Unlimited Beat" is available now on her album "Neogene Creation." Expect a translation soon!


  1. hello why you say "be a big year with the coming of the mobile game and the 4th season." for the mobil game ok bu the 4th season? we will have more info about season 4???

    1. Nothing official yet, but I'm certain season 4 will air sometime in 2017. I expect we'll hear more come spring.

  2. Wait, did Chris really say "Hibiki" for once (in the quotes)? Or is it an adaptation of the original word which is usually translated as "idiot"?

    1. Nope, she straight up says "Hibiki." Will be curious to see in what context it's used when the game comes out. You can listen to the clip here.

  3. Hey! Thanks for the translations! You made a typo tho and you wrote Maria 2 under Kanade.

    1. Fixed it, thanks for pointing it out!

  4. Would you mind translating the email the website sends to is when we pre-register? I'm so happy for the game to be happening, but about sad since I don't know what it means;;

    1. Sure thing.

      Everybody who signs up gets the same email, which says this:

      "Thank you for pre-registering to play Symphogear XD Unlimited. We're sending you this email to let you know that your pre-registration has been confirmed. When the game application is released, we will send a notification to the email you registered with. Until the game is released, considering following our official twitter account for more updates."

      Then it includes links to the website and twitter.

  5. Out of curiosity will you try make a basic "How to play" or give a translation of the buttons/icons from the game, like this button means this and this button means that, when it comes out? If not then I hope someone does cause I'm sure we're all gonna need it XD...

    1. Yes! I intend to make a play guide for those in the English speaking fandom