Friday, January 20, 2017

Symphogear XDU gets a new TV commercial

When Symphogear started re-airing on January 6th, there was a new TV commercial for XDU which was uploaded to the official site and then immediately removed due to an adjustment that needed to be made. Two weeks later the commercial makes its return for your viewing pleasure.

The short commercial doesn't reveal much except the menu screen which displays the 4 quest types: main quests, side quests, event quests and SP quests. In order to play you need "AP" which I assume stands for "action points." It also reveals how the gatcha system might work if you look at the screenshot featured at the top of this post.

It starts with the Symphogear pendant which you tap, this then reveals the Aufwachen wave pattern to clue you into which character you'll get. In this case it shows "Ichaival" which means the card is Chris.

The commercial also gives us peak into the type of character pairings the side quests will deal with. You can see Hibiki/Kirika, Chris/Miku, Tsubasa/Kanade, Micha/Garie and even...Shirabe/Elfnein? Apparently anything is possible.

Now, you might be asking. What exactly was the adjustment that needed to be made to the commercial that made them take it down for 2 weeks? Well it's an important lesson on making sure to source your material. Only one screen in the entire commercial was changed, you can compare below (original is on the right, new version on the left): 

You might notice that of the 4 images on the right, one seems of a different style than the rest. That's of course's fan art. Yes, if you've been around in the fandom awhile you might recognize this piece which game out shortly after G aired. 

This was of course a surprise to the online community because from everything we knew and had seen of the game it was supposed to have original, official art. It was also a surprise because the original artist never gave their permission for this image to be used. This might be due to the fact that the artist deleted his original pixiv submission when he moved to a new account

Anyway, the XDU twitter posted a notice they were removing the commercial and would re-upload it after they had fixed the section that used the unofficial image. Hopefully this is the only mishap the game encounters before release. And remember - source any art you find and ask permission before posting! 


  1. Are you ever going to complete the key words page?

    1. Of course. It is on my list of goals. However don't expect it to be completed anytime soon...I'm trying to focus on new information and doing subs for the 2016 Live at the moment.

  2. OH WOAH!!! You plan on subbing the 2016 LIVE???? OH WOAH!! I'm so excited, really looking forward to it, because of my weak jap I can't understand what they are saying.

    So I'm hyped!! Looking forward to it ^^