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Symphogear GXU Unlimi Blog 4-koma collection

I've posted a bunch of these on Twitter and Tumblr already, but then I fell behind. I recently caught up with them and decided I would post all of them here for easy viewing. I'll also be including TLs of the staff blog comments that came with each one. Enjoy.

The Symphonic Battle RPG production blog!

LAST UPDATED August 23, 2017

Episode 15: Miku's character to be implemented!?

Finally...Miku Kohinata will appear as a playable character in Symphogear XD Unlimited?! In the parallel world, what exactly happened to Hibiki? Details to follow in a separate announcement, look forward to it! 

Episode 14: Emergency Sortie Event

Special Episode 8: August 7th, Happy Birthday Maria! 

Special Episode 7: July 28th, Happy Birthday Kanade Amou!

Episode 13: 2017 "Summer" Release 

Special Episode 6: May 25th, A Very Happy Birthday to Miss Tsubasa Kazanari!
A very happy birthday to Miss Tsubasa!!

Episode 12: Gjallarhorn

Gjallarhorn is the first original complete sacrist to be unveiled in Symphogear XD Unlimited. It had been stored in secret for a long time when it suddenly activates, sweeping the girls up into a series of troublesome events. New encounters... What is waiting in the parallel worlds and what new stories will unfold? Please play the game and find out with your own eyes! 

Special Episode 5: Live Demo 

Episode 11: The Music Box

In Symphogear XDU, we are working to include every character song from the original series so you can get pumped up to your heart's content! By meeting certain conditions, new songs get unlocked in the music box for you to use during battle. The more you play, the more you can collect! Also in the music box you can "strengthen" the songs. Doing this will give you a greater advantage during battle so make sure to level them up along with Symphogear Cards and Memoria Cards! And, now our most recent announcement! It's been determined that new songs will be produced exclusively for the game! The 1st set will include... Look forward to finding out when we can announce more. 

Special Episode 4: April 13th, Happy Birthday Miss Kirika Akatsuki! 

A very happy birthday to Miss Kirika!!

Episode 9: Side stories 2

In Symphogear XD, characters aside from the gear users will also have an active role in the side stories and other features. Not only Hibiki's friends, but also the enemy characters like Carol and the Auto-Scorers will show off a surprising side to themselves! ...Maybe.
Please look forward to seeing your favorite characters make their appearance!

Episode 10: We've been keeping you waiting

To everyone waiting for Symphogear XD Unlimited,

We're sorry to keep you waiting for so long after the game was announced last year in September at the Tokyo Game Show.

As of now, the entire staff is putting all of their focus and effort into making the best quality game that we possibly can make for all the fans. We hate to make you keep waiting like this, but please allow us to work just a little while longer.

From here on out we'll make sure to deliver even more updates, even faster than before. So please keep supporting us by keeping your eyes on the blog and our Twitter. Thank you!

Special episode 3: February 16th, Happy Birthday Shirabe Tsukuyomi! 

A very happy birthday to Miss Shirabe!!

Episode 8: Battle Arena

In Symphogear XDU, you can do more than just fight in quests. You can challenge other players in PVP across the nation in the "Battle Arena." Unexpected groupings of your favorite characters might appear to challenge you!? Fight and win to raise your rank and you can get various items that are usable in the main game. Train your own unique party and challenge your rivals until you reach the top! 

Episode 7: Symphogear Cards

In Symphogear XDU, there will be 2 types of cards to collect: "Symphogear cards" and "Memoria cards." Symphogear cards are collectible versions of the gears that the characters wear and can be utilized in your battle deck. Of course all the gears from seasons 1 through 3, as well as new original gears, will be available in card form. Some cards will have illustrations that change upon being strengthened. You can also change the appearance of character avatars in battle when you equip them in your deck, so enjoy customizing to your preference! 

Episode 1: Break the limits! 

September 15, 2016 - Recently announced at Tokyo Game Show: Symphogear XD Unlimited! Currently in production and set with a release in 2017! Our slogan is we're working to get the game to you "the fastest, shortest, straightest and most directly" as possible! We're pumping ourselves full of LiNKER to bring you the best and most interesting Symphogear game possible. For those of you who can't wait for 2017 we've opened this blog to give you a sneak peak into the secrets behind development. Please enjoy it! 

Episode 2: How to make awesome finisher moves
One of the biggest appeals of Symphogear is of course the flashy finisher moves, and we're working hard to make sure the game doesn't lose out to the anime! We think we can make them look just as cool, if not even cooler, than they are in the original anime. In order to accomplish that, we're actually working along with the anime production company Satelight and checking the original storyboards to make sure its up to scratch. However, we're also going to have new moves for all of the characters. In order to make sure those original moves are just as beloved as those from the anime, we are working hard to consider the proper movement of the characters, the angle of the camera, the timing of the cut-in text, and the flashiness of the effects. However this is very detailed and particular work that requires patience as we adjust them again and again. The production team is full of fans, so you can expect the best so please look forward to it!

Episode 3 - Hibiki Tachibana appears!

In the original anime, the main character Hibiki Tachibana doesn't have any special finisher moves. However, with the cooperation of the original creators we are working to make original moves for her to use within the game! And not just that, they'll also have cut-in text names as well! Of course Hibiki is a close-range fighter known for her punch and kick moves, but we're also working on some long distance moves for her as well. For our blog feature this time we imagined what it would be like if Hibiki practiced some of the kicking moves we made for her. We'll continue to work hard to complete enough of the game to show it off in the 2nd promotion video which will come out in the future. Look forward to it! 

Episode 4: Developing original gears and outfits 

In Symphogear XDU we're working on creating original gears for the girls to wear that were never seen in the original anime. During our Tokyo Game Show presentation we showed off outfits such as the Kimono-styled gear for Ichaival, Shul-shagana and Igalima. However, we're making more than just those. They'll be original gears to go along with different special events we have planned for the game! Their armed gears will also change along with their outfits so we leave it up to your imagination what kind of weapons they'll be using to perform their new special finisher moves. Please look forward to all the action! 

Episode 5: Side Stories
In Symphogear XDU we will have special "what-if" scenarios never seen in the original anime that focus on each of the individual characters. You'll be able to unlock these stories through both events and by collecting certain cards, and we want everyone to have a chance to experience them. So please look forward to experiencing not just the anime story, but also the original stories unique to the game! 

Episode 6: Experience the anime
In Symphogear XDU you'll be able to experience all 3 seasons of the original anime through quests. There are both adventure parts and battle parts included, so you can experience each scene through your own hands and enjoy the world of Symphogear to your heart's content! Look forward to it along with our original side stories!

Special episode 1: November 7th, Happy Birthday Miku Kohinata! 
A very happy birthday to Miss Miku!!

Special episode 2: December 28th, Happy Birthday Chris Yukine! 

A very happy birthday to Miss Chris!!



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