Friday, January 20, 2017

Symphogear gets new Blu-ray Box to celebrate 5th anniversary

Currently Symphogear season 1 is being re-aired on Japanese TV station BS11 as part of the 5th year anniversary. Tonight, at the end of the rebroadcast of episode 3, they ran a new promotional video announcing a blu-ray box release for season 1.

Check out the new 15 second commercial here:

Here are the details on the release:

Release date: March 29. 2017
Price: 25,000 yen (about $220)
Contents: 3 BDs + 3 CDs
Includes: Special storage box
                 Digipak with new art by character designer Satoru Fujimoto
                 6 postcards featuring cover art used on the original BD volumes
                 Special booklet

Disk contents: 
All 13 episodes of season 1
Episode 1 premiere screening featurette
Anime contents expo stage presentation featurette
Episode 1 Zwei Wing promotional video
Promotional video collection
TV commercial collection
Behind-the-scenes recording featurette
Non-credit opening type A-C
Non-credit ending
Opening - episode preview version 1-13

CD contents:
Character songs
"Kimi toiu oto kanade tsukirumade" - Amou Kanade
"Hidamari Memoria" - Miku Kohinata
"FIRST LOVE SONG" - Hibiki Tachibana/Tsubasa Kazanari/Chris Yukine
Original Soundtrack

I'm happy to say that this release includes everything that the original releases had. The on disk contents are exactly the same except the number of disks has been reduced from 6 to 3. The CD contents are also the same. The only potential difference is the contents of the booklet. Needless to say, this is far cheaper than buying the original releases which would cost up to $350 and more in the aftermarket. If you ever wanted to hop on board the Symphogear train, now is the time. Sadly the only downside is that this release will not include English subtitles, so please keep that in mind if you decide to order it. Pre-orders will open soon, you can order from the usual places (CD Japan, Amiami, Amazon JP, etc). I will post updates on more details as they are released, chances are there will be in-store purchase bonuses announced at a later date.


  1. Gonna be in Tokyo starting April 6th, do you think I should pre-order it to be on the safe side, of just buy it physically when I'm there?

    1. Hard to say, I always pre-order so I don't have much experience with in-store stock. I feel like when the 2016 Live BD came out it was hard to come by for the first week or so. I would say if the shipping doesn't hurt you too much then you should pre-order it...but you also have to consider the in-store bonuses. If you have a chance to pick one up, it might be worth waiting for a chance to get it in person.

    2. Hmmm in store bonuses is a good argument, and after a week it'd be out, chances are I'm gonna find it.

  2. Oh woah, I'm so excited. Was already considering trying to buy on Yahoo auction awhile ago. Now I have a cheaper option. Thanks for the info, very much appreciated.

    Thing is, it's on CDJapan, but not Amiami yet. You think amiami will have it soon or not at all?

    1. It's not on yet either. I'm thinking CDJapan just has their PO up early, if you wait it will likely show up on amiami. Some stores might also be waiting for the store bonus items to be announced so they can show them on the pre-order page.

    2. True about the pre-order bonus. Will a lookout on both here and Amiami.

      Was actually worried that it would only be Japan only release, on like Hobbystock or something!!

      But annoying this is that March release coincides exactly with my Hibiki and Tsubasa figures!!! RIP WALLET~~~


    YES!!! Amiami finally has the BD set available for pre-order, but don't know if there's any Amiami exclusives like CDJapan though. =/

    1. Amiami won't have any store bonuses.

      The stores confirmed for bonuses are: Animate, Gamers, CD Japan, Tora no Ana, Sofmap, HMV, Animega, CharaAni and King Records Online Store.

      I'm going to make a post about it once they put up the sample images, but that might not be for a couple more weeks.

    2. Ah shucks, right on the day I posted the above I already P/Oed with Amiami since I already have orders coming in that month (Tsubasa and Hibiki figures)..

      Kinda sad to know that Amiami isn't doing any kind of exclusive for the box set...=(