Saturday, June 1, 2013

Translation Corner #26 + 27 + 28

Right, I should get back to doing these. I definitely need to finish them before season 2 so that everyone is up to speed. I've been getting better at translating lately, so hopefully it shouldn't take me too long to get them done. Here is today's batch.


The Symphogear System created from a fragment of the third relic, “Gungnir.”

Its previous user was Amou Kanade then passed to its current user, Tachibana Hibiki.

Generally, when the Symphogear is removed by the user, the energy levels will return to normal and it will reconfigure into its pendant form. However…

At the time of the concert tragedy, fragments of the gear were embedded into the area near Hibiki’s heart. They remained there and eventually ended up fusing with her body.

Furthermore, ever since Hibiki has become a Symphogear user, whenever she activates the system itself the fusion spreads even further, like cancer cells, slowly altering her body.

The remarkable resilience and explosive power of Hibiki’s energy, coupled with her accelerated recovery rate, is likely caused by the fused pieces of Gungnir.


A mysterious word spoken by Fine.

In ancient times it was a word used by the Sumer meaning “elevated existence.” In another form it also carries the meaning of “a tower that reaches the heavens.”

This is, so far, the only solid piece of information that the Special Disaster Response Team Division 2 has been able to get hold of regarding the enemy’s goal, which still remains unclear.

Thus far Fine has spoken few other mysterious words similar to Kadingir, such as “Custodian,” and “Lulu Amelu.”

Each of them has various meanings, but respectively they can be as translated as “ruler” and “humanity," which is conceivable in the context of Fine's words.

Tokyo Skytower

This is Japan’s newest electro-magnetic wave tower that began operations several years prior. It’s overall span is 634 meters (roughly 2,080 feet).

It has several uses that are not within public knowledge, such as it is generally used by private government organizations to control and supervise images or communications that are sent through electro-magnetic waves.

Unfortunately Special Disaster Response Team Division 2 is not an exception, if they were to disrupt or destroy the tower, their future actions would face heavy restrictions as a result. 

I don't have much of a personal analysis on these, but I will tell you that the Sumer was an ancient civilization originating in southern Mesopotamia and is considered by some the first civilization in the world. The ancient Mesopotamian civilization recorded a great deal of history on clay tablets. While only a fraction of those tablets have survived, they manage to tell a remarkable story about the Custodial “Gods” and their relationship to Homo sapiens (humans). According to the history inscribed on the tablets, there was a time when human beings did not exist at all. Instead, Earth was inhabited by members of the Custodial civilization. Custodial life on Earth was not pleasant, however. Custodial efforts to exploit the rich mineral and natural resources of Earth proved backbreaking. The tablets described lives of endless drudgery as the “Gods” carried out building, excavation, and mining operations on Earth. The “Gods” were not at all happy with their lot. So a solution was needed, and it was found: to create a new creature capable of performing the same labors on Earth as the Custodians. With this purpose in mind, the Custodial “Gods” created Homo sapiens (man).

This runs parallel to a similar story in which the ancient Sumerians encountered a being they called the "Anunnaki," which translates to "those sent from heaven to Earth." The Anunnaki gave the Sumerians advanced information on the creation of the solar system and all the planets in and out of this solar system. They also taught them how to build great cities, farming and how to build craft that fly in air. They also supposedly had information about the solar system that scientists today are only now beginning to figure out. The ancient Sumerians also had records of Primitive beings and workers called "Lulu Amelu." Those ancient Sumerian texts outline the tale of genetic engineering of Homo Sapiens. To achieve this feat it was suggested that a 'being which already exists' be used to create the Lulu Amelu (The Mixed Worker) by binding upon the lesser evolved beings 'the mould of the gods'.

The two stories conflict in the sense that one details how lesser beings on Earth had their genes spliced with the gods to create the Lulu Amelu, while the other simply states that the Custodial "Gods" created humans outright. In any case, the Lulu Aemlu certainly are "humanity" as we know it and were ruled over by the "Custodians" in ancient times. The question in all this is which category does Fine fall in to? She speaks of the Custodians as a force working against her, which would place her firmly in the "human" camp...yet she's an also an Eternal Priestess, so maybe she had more power bestowed upon her by the Gods than other humans?  In any case, this gives us a better idea of the kind of society that Fine came from and why she's far more knowledgeable than people in the current era.


  1. Really hoping they do more with Gungnir's continued fusion with Hibiki. They kinda copped out on it in the show :(

    1. Based on all the promotional material I would say that it will play a big role in season 2, I'm sure they'll expand upon it even more then!