Friday, June 7, 2013

More info on Maria's team

I've found some text pasted from the magazine article that I was able to translate. This new information will provide a better context to Maria's team and their role in the story.

Maria: An up-and-coming singer, a few months after her debut she had climbed to the top of the American music charts. On the enemy team she is the central player. 

Shirabe: A friend of Maria's, she is a tactician who will use any means to accomplish her goal. She dismisses Hibiki's dedicated attitude by calling her a "hypocrite."

Kirika: Once as was a young girl, she, along with Maria and others, was treated as an observation subject at a certain facility. Within the enemy team she is the cheerful and straightforward type.

Serena: Maria's younger sister. She has a calm and gentle personality type. She is resistant to using the power of the Symphogear she obtained for fighting.

Excerpt from interview with Akifumi Kaneko (head writer): 

I'm sure you might have guessed from the changes in her gear, but Hibiki has gotten significantly stronger compared to the previous season. So much so that it has come as a surprise to even the people who work in the Japanese government's Special Disaster Response Team Division 2. You should pay close attention to how that fact will connect to the promotional tagline "Sayonara Gungnir."

The individuals in Maria's group have become enemies that stand against all of humanity, however they should not be considered "evil villains." These girls have faith and a purpose, they also have strong bonds between each other. In other words, the fight will be composed as if Hibiki's team is the "White hero team" versus Maria's "Black hero team."

Hibiki and co. have developed further and will use new special moves with their weapons during the fighting. Or perhaps I should say that it's becoming a dire situation that will force the girls to pull out new special moves each time they fight. All these moves will be flashily flying past each other, carried by the soundtrack put together by the music producer, Mr. Agematsu!

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