Saturday, May 25, 2013

Symphogear G "Story"

So I translated the full contents of the "story" page on the Symphogear G website, it provides more details than my brief overview from the other day. Feel free to post your interpretations of what it hints at in the comments!

Kazanari Tsubasa, Yukine Chris and…Tachibana Hibiki.

The young girls at the mercy of fate, their bodies clad in the “Symphogear,” an FG-type power armor with the ability to change the world. Individually they struggled through numerous fights and many challenges before they joined together at the sight of the final battle.

The rising tower of Kandingir; its target was the “moon,” an enormous surveillance device that jammed humanity’s mutual understanding through the curse of Balal.

On the back side of human history, Fine, the priestess who passed through thousands of years maneuvering in secret. Her plan was to destroy the moon and retake the language of ancient times, a “unified language.”

However, if the moon was destroyed the balance of gravity would begin to collapse and the Earth would face disaster on a planetary scale.

Facing the imminent threat of this “lunar attack” the young girls put their lives on the line, letting their Ultimate Song resound loudly through their chests and to the heavens.

Since then, approximately 3 months have passed.

After the end of the fierce fighting and with a fragmented moon overlooking the Earth, the story will begin to unfold once again.   

Entangled at the source of complex global affairs, the “Symphogear System” maintained by the Japanese Government  is currently under observation by various entities. Since it is the only effective counter-measure to combating the Noise, part of the top-secret information regarding it has been disclosed. However, information relating to the users of the system remains thoroughly concealed.

While maintaining their everyday lives, the Symphogear users have begun participation in joint research being conducted between Japan and America.

Striving to be able to one day exterminate the threat of the Noise and live her dream of singing on the world’s stage: Tsubasa.

Unable to grow accustomed to the warmth of her new home, and despite her bewilderment, gradually beginning to accept contact with other people: Chris.

Having fused with a sacred relic and referred to as a new form of humanity, yet never changing in her will to keep a hobby of helping others: Hibiki.

Each of them is living their own respective life, with only one goal in mind.

The top-priority research target for the Special Disaster Response Team, along with the USA’s Sacred Relic Research Institution, is the complete relic “Sacrist S” that has been transferred to a US Military Base in Iwakuni, Japan.

With a cooperative front established between both countries, the operations should commence with no serious problems. However, under the cover of a dark and stormy night, a new enemy is launching attacks close by.  

A large flood of Noise spreads out from the open door of the treasury of Babylonia.

Rising through the discord of destruction like a piercing shot, and creating a variation in the natural laws of physics, comes the reverberation of a young girl’s song.

“It’s name is, Gungnir.”

It is the shout of Tachibana Hibiki, the first medical case of a fusion between human and relic.

Moving as if by command, the flooding Noise cluster together. On the other side is the wavering shape of a human shadow….and a singing voice.  

The curtain rises on a new stage, where the young girls will shed blood as their songs clash.  

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  1. ''On the other side is the wavering shape of a human shadow….and a singing voice. ''

    Kanade!? Please let it be true!!!