Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Translation Corner #22 + 23

These 2 keywords are all about the technical and scientific aspects of the Symphogear system. In particular, how the system counters the Noise's "phase contrast barrier" and how it protects the user from the Noise's carbon conversion ability by using a "barrier coating."

Phase Contrast Barrier (part 2)

The most effective way to deal a decisive blow to Noise equipped with the phase contrast barrier is through the use of Division 2's Symphogear System.

At the moment of impact, an attack from the Symphogear System will multiply across various worlds and essentially "tune" the Noise, forcibly dragging them into our world and making them susceptible to normal laws of physics. This effectively nullifies the phase contrast barrier, allowing the Symphogear user to deal direct damage without suffering any negation or reduction.

Currently, only the Symphogear System is capable of nullifying the phase contrast barrier.

The phase contrast barrier is the only thing beyond the present understanding of researchers in foreign countries, however, needless to say, the Sakurai theory has already successfully analyzed this property and remains the most advanced intelligence relating to the Noise. 

Barrier Coating

A barrier created from vibrations emitted by the Symphogear System in the form of sound waves. In other words, the coating forms from oscillations created through music establishing a barrier that can negate the Noise's special ability to reduce the human body to carbon. 

As a so-called "musical barrier," it will surround the Symphogear user and reduce the carbon conversion ratio to 0. When combined with the Symphogear Systems's ability to nullify the phase contrast barrier, it enables the user can act freely without fear of the Noise's offensive or defensive capabilities. 

The barrier coating does not function only on a sole individual, rather by using the Symphogear as a base, the barrier effect extends around the vicinity. The range of the coating is dependent upon the reach of the music produced by the Symphogear system and any Noise within that range will suffer an alteration that suppresses their carbon conversion ability. 

However, because the barrier is created through music, a weak point is created as the coating is gradually reduced the further one gets from the user. But even though this effect decays over distance, even at the very edge of its range it will not completely disappear, so from a tactical standpoint it is possible to safely position auxiliary support. 

I don't have much commentary to offer here, especially since a lot of this information you can deduce just by watching the anime. But I will say that observant viewers will know when the barrier coating is active because the Noise will actually change color when they are within its range. The color shifts of the Noise are actually one of my favorite details of the anime, since it can be subtle at times but they always make sure to keep it a consistent feature across the entire series.

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