Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A couple new things

No major updates yet, I'm still working on a number of things to put up here but in the meantime here are a few things to check out elsewhere.

So firstly, I've played around with the blogger settings which I've never bothered to check out. You should be able to make comments anonymously now without having a username or email. I'm sure that might've prevented a few people from saying anything before, so I'm sorry I didn't make this change sooner (I didn't know it was even an option!).

Secondly, there's a Singapore based figure shop known as Hobby Frontier that's having a contest on Facebook for a free Hibiki nendoroid! All you have to do is like their page, comment and share their post for a chance to win. You do have to pay for shipping if you live overseas though, good luck to anyone who enters! 

Thirdly, I've created a tumblr for myself since I wanted an optimal place to put up scans aside from imgur and twitter. It's not *entirely* dedicated to Symphogear since I post or reblog other anime stuff, but I've been putting up scans of production art and storyboards from Symphogear in my spare time so please check it out

Lastly, just a reminder that the contest I'm running will technically end tomorrow, May 1st. However I won't be doing the judging until Friday, May 3rd. So I'm giving everyone until the end of Thursday, May 2nd to submit their entries to zoidzero1@gmail.com. I've gotten a few entries over the past week, but the number of them is still really low so everybody has a good shot at winning if you get your entries in on time! Thanks to everybody that entered so far, I really appreciate your effort - I will be putting all the entries on the blog when I announce the winners. 

Looking at the stats for this blog over the past month or so I've been getting consistent hits. I really appreciate all the fans that check for updates and make comments and such. I hope I can post things with more frequency once summer hits. Anyway thanks for sticking with me. 

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