Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sales round 2

Now that the second BD volume has been out for about a week - how well did it sell? If you recall, in the first week volume 1 sold just over 4,000 and in the second week went on to break 5,000. It was a good sign that the series was a fairly strong seller as far as anime goes (we're not comparing it to Madoka or anything), it certainly wasn't a failure. Well I'm happy to report that the sales for volume 2 have remained consistent.

Volume 2 sales breakdown:

DVD - 717 copies | Blu-Ray - 3542 copies | Total: 4,259 copies

This is a 4.4% decrease from volume 1 sales, so it's very consistent! This is great news because it means that interest in the series hasn't waned. Often times the second volume or later volumes decrease in the number of sales because people lose interest or can't afford to keep buying the volumes. The fact that the numbers have remained consistent means that the fanbase is keeping up with each release - hopefully we see the same happen with future volumes.

So what does this mean? Well again, nothing in particular. A lot of people will throw out the idea that this means a season 2 will eventually happen or possibly even a movie, however I don't think sales is a complete determining factor of that. Firstly, Symphogear was a series created by Elements Garden (or more specifically, Noriyasu Agematsu) as a means to promote new music. There might not be any ideas or plans for further Symphogear projects, it's very likely that this was only intended to be a 13 episode series with no continuations. But I won't deny that maybe these sales numbers will convince them that it's worth investing in something new. Only time will tell, but we can almost safely say that Symphogear was successful enough to cover the cost of production, which is something that not many people expected it to do.

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