Friday, March 31, 2017

Season 4 Trailer and Website Opens: Symphogear AXZ (Axis) this July

Following the final episode of the season 1 reairing in Japan, the first trailer for season 4 was released and the website officially opened. Although not many details were revealed about the story, it will begin airing this July so we don't have too long to wait!



Special Announcement
A threat moving in secret, bears its fangs.
A manifestation of violent attacks - the Bavarian Hope Society
Once again, let's ask the question:
Is there a song in your heart?

Symphogear AXZ airing this July

The website also lists the returning cast of the 6 main characters as well as some of the staff.

Of course the main combo of Agematsu and Kaneko will return along with s2/3 director Ono.

The subtitle: "By shedding many tears the reality you face is..." is a translation of a line from GX's Glorious Break. My original interpretation of the line was: "The reality that is reflected in my pool of tears is..." and the lyrics follow with "an eternally cruel termination (conclusion)."

The Bavarian Society was previously mentioned by Maria in episode 12 of G in reference to a group coordinating with the US in efforts to hide the truth of the impending moon disaster.

You can get all the news and details in English from this blog as I will do my best to keep it as up to date as possible. You can expect another update tomorrow in regards to recent updates on the XDU side of things.


  1. So any idea who are the Bavarain Hope Society?

    1. So they are based on that group.... But what are their goals? And what you think the 'By shedding many tears, the reality you face is...' mean? I hope something good. The girls have trough enough.

    2. Presumably their goal is the advancement of mankind through a select "elite" people, very similar to Dr. Ver's self absorbed ideals in G.

      They worked with the American government and presumably have ties to both Fine and Carol in some sense. So basically a group that has been manipulating certain aspects of the series this entire time will be making its appearance, their goal is likely to attack our girls because they've been getting in the way of their work. Or at least that's my assumption.

  2. I'm just glad to get this much information. It was pretty quiet for so long I was starting to wonder if they were going to push it to Fall or next Winter. Symphogear is pretty consistent with Summer, but you just never know until things are announced.

    Nice trailer. Doesn't give up a lot, which is fine. The series is an entire season away, will be enough time to delve through bits of information by that time. Just nice to see the characters and know when this is hitting.

    Makes you wonder about Season 5, but that's too early to ponder much about. Will see how Season 4 goes. Bring on the fun!

  3. many questions.... if baverian is the new ennemis.... Who is their leader?
    Are there in their troops girls can use symphogear to fight our heroines with equal weapon? And when I say symphogear even "copy" maybe and noise reapear?