Friday, February 24, 2017

Symphogear Season 1 BD Box Packaging Revealed

The Symphogear website and Twitter updated today with sample images of the upcoming boxset, including a new art spread featured on the digipak. In addition, sample images of all the exclusive store bonuses are now available to help you decide where you want to pick it up.

This is what the complete set will look like, you can find more specific details in my previous post.

If you order from the following stores, you will receive these bonus items:

Animate: Acrylic Keychain featuring the new digipak art

Gamers: A1 half-sized (11.7 × 33.1 inches) Wall Scroll featuring the new digipak art

Tora no Ana: Long Cushion featuring the new digipak art

Sofmap: A3 sized (11.7 × 16.5 inches) Clear Poster featuring the new digipak art

HMV: Clear file folder featuring the new digipak art

Animega/Bunkyodo: B2 sized  (19.7 × 27.8 inches) Wall Scroll featuring original vol 5 cover art

CD Japan: A2 sized (16.5 × 23.4 inches) Cloth Poster featuring original vol 4 cover art

CharaAni: B2 sized (19.7 × 27.8 inches) Wall Scroll featuring  original vol 6 cover art

KING e-shop: Photoprint Set 

Unfortunately if you live outside of Japan you will have to use a proxy service to order from most of these stores. Currently only CDJapan and HMV over shipping for overseas buyers. However, there are other stores you can buy from that do not have store bonuses but offer cheaper prices such as and Amiami. The good news is that ALL stores will include a free B2 sized advertisement poster while supplies last. A sample image of the poster hasn't been released yet, but it will likely be similar to the 2016 Live poster that simply features the cover art; 

The release date for the boxset is March 29th, Pre-order soon to make sure you get yours! 


  1. Great!
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  2. OMG!!! This is beautiful...sadly Amiami doesn't have any of the bonuses...but the cheap price and beautiful art just manages to satisfies me...*cries!!!

    Thanks for the information!!!!!!!