Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Symphogear fan figures at Wonder Festival 2017

In addition to the fan comics and goods that are available every year at comiket, there is also a dedicated base of fan creators who make custom figures. Every year more and more unique works are on display and available for sale at Wonder Festival. Here's a roundup of what they had this year.

From shima_sdef comes a Yukine Chris chibi figure for $40

From nikoruasagata comes Leiur and Micha scale figure garage kits for $50 a piece 

From super onion comes Shirabe and Kirika figma style action figure garage kits - $60

From NEXT TS is a Maria Black Gungnir version figma garage kit at $70

From chikyuza comes a Chris figma garage kit priced at $120

From OZ comes an action figure of the Bushi Noise for $45

From Tawashi is a garage kit figure of adult Carol for $60

From ToysRX is a garage kit of Kirika in her gear for $130

From GRO-TF comes jack parts for Hibiki's figma,($30) and a Miku gear figma garage kit (display)

From tungstenten is a Miku gear custom nendoroid kit (display)

From A-Frame comes Puchi Nendoroid custom sets of all the gear girls

Unfortunately since these are fan made they are only available for sale at the event. If you're lucky you might find some of them available second hand on places like Mandarake or Yahoo Auctions Japan, but do be aware that in most cases assembly and painting is required to get the finished product. However do keep in mind that we have some official figures on the horizon including a re-release of Bellfine's Chris.


  1. You think Bellfine will release a Hibiki figure? I already have Chris and preordered Tsubasa and would prefer to have the full set from the same makers instead of buying the Hobby Stock's Hibiki (as awesome as it may be).

    1. To be honest I'm a little concerned, because I was expecting them to reveal a Hibiki prototype at WonFes, but they only had information regarding the Chris re-release. I'm guessing that Chris sold well, but I'm curious what the situation is with Tsubasa since it's competing with Hobby Stock's Hibiki in terms of release date. I'm guessing if Tsubasa sells well enough they might do a Hibiki...I hope they do anyway. We will probably have to wait until Summer WonFes to find out for sure.