Friday, September 16, 2016

Ayahi posts about TGS on her blog

After appearing at the XDU event at Tokyo Game Show, Ayahi updated her blog to talk a bit about the experience and, as usual, remind everyone that Bushi Noise was a thing that happened. Here's a translation.

Hello everyone! 

Today I appeared as a guest at Tokyo Game Show 2016 as part of the Symphogear X-Drive Unlimited announcement event at the Bushiroad Booth! 

Since it was an announcement event during the business day of TGS I was really nervous that it would be a formal affair, but it ended up being really fun! Thanks to everyone who came to the booth and all the people who watched on nico live!

I got to appear alongside Chris's senpai, Tsubasa, of course played by Nana Mizuki, and I also had previously worked with the MC, Mr. Morishima, on Vanguard, so having them there was really reassuring.

Both Nana and I didn't know any details about the game or how it would play, so watching the PV and listening to the producer and content director talk was full of nothing but surprises! And it's all so exciting!!

It's a Symphonic Battle RPG game, so it has a ton of features and content that bring out the uniqueness of Symphogear 

You can enjoy playing your favorite character by battling through the story! And the scenarios! Of course it covers all the content since season 1, but they will have a bunch of "what if" stories too!

Game original stories, outfits and illustrations! We even get to see new character interactions that were never in the anime?!?!

Ah!! I want to play it already! 
...Oh, but first I have to do my best with all the dialog recording

It comes out in 2017 so look forward to it! 

If you visit the official site you can watch the PV that they just unveiled at TGS! Make sure you listen for Nana's new song that serves as the opening, Unlimited Beat! It gets me so pumped!! 
Y-A-Y! ─(σ≧∀≦)σ──It's a really intense song! 

Oh, that's right! At today's event we also had a Noise design event, so nostalgic! That's right! It's the same game we played that gave birth to Nana's legendary "Bushi Noise!" We each thought of our own design! I wonder if our designs will make it in the game?! Look forward to finding out! (laugh)

The Noise I hand drew at the event will be on display at the Bushiroad booth during TGS, so if you're interested please go check it out! 

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