Friday, May 26, 2017

AXZ website announces new official contest

As a follow up from last season, the website is going to host a "best of symphogear" scene collection with clips uploaded to the official youtube channel. Last time it was the staff who picked their favorite scenes, but this time the fans will decide.

Check out the contest page here. TL is below.

The “Best of Symphogear” as determined by the fans
To celebrate the upcoming broadcast of Symphogear AXZ, we're announcing a contest where fans will choose the best scene from each respective season of Symphogear in order to create a “best of” list that is determined entirely by the fandom! In the form below, please select the scene you love the most from each season that's been broadcast so far: Symphogear, Symphogear G and Symphogear GX!

Among all the entries we will select few at random for special prizes! So please participate!

Application period:
Friday, May 26th – Sunday, June 4th (11:59 pm JST)

Best of Symphogear results announcement:
On the official youtube channel in late June

Prize details:
Symphogear AXZ Episode 1 script (with illustration or signatures) 4 in total
Script with illustration by original character designer Dan Yoshii 1 winner
Script with illustration by character designer Satoru Fujimoto 1 winner
Script with illustration by action director and noise designer Fumiaki Kouta 1 winner
Script with signatures from the cast (Aoi Yuki, Nana Mizuki, Ayahi Takagaki, Yoko Hikasa, Yoshino Nanjo, and Ai Kayano) 1 winner

We will notify winners by the email entered on the form. At that time we will ask for additional information from the winners including their name and address, so please respond to the email notification within the specified time period. Furthermore, this email notification is the only way we will be informing the winners, there will be no official announcement posted on the website.

Application Form
Only 1 application entry per email address.
 You can submit the form by filling out the information for any or all of the seasons listed below

Email address

Best scene from Symphogear (Select episode and describe scene)
Example: “Episode 1 – Beat of Awakening: The scene where middle school aged Miku calls Hibiki to let her know she will be unable to attend the Zwei Wing concert”

Best scene from Symphogear G (Select episode and describe scene)
Example: “Episode 13 - In the distance, that day, when the star become music… The scene were Miku runs across the sandy beach as if she was in the track and field club.”

Best scene from Symphogear GX (Select episode and describe scene)
Example: “Episode 1 – Miracle Killer: The scene where Miku has her ponytail in a higher spot than usual as she attends swimming class”

Any messages regrading your feelings about the start of the new season (Optional)

Prize that you want to receive (see above)


  1. Not sure how they'll take english submissions, but I think I'll give it a try anyways XD. Show them they got fans outside of Japan!! ^^

    1. Yeah I entered in English well. Maybe they'd have translators to translate the entries in other languages? Anyway, I'm sure they know they have fans outside of Japan. :)

    2. ehh... experience with japanese staffs...they would ignore you... i did a few times, sometimes they will discount your vote, thats how enclose japan is... even though they already knew theres fans outside
      so i might as well put in japanese

  2. Looks like the winning scenes have been announced on the Official Symphogear Youtube Channel. Unfortunately, none of my scenes won...

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